Fly back to Little Spellshire in Diary Of An Accidental Witch 5

August 2023

Diary Of An Accidental Witch: Stage Fright flies to the shelves today! This is the latest book in the hiliariously funny and sparklingly magical series by Perdita and Honor Cargill.

Friday 18th February
Binxy has just reminded us that we have to put on this play in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL and now we’re a mixture of excited and SCARED!

When Bea’s class is tasked with putting on the school play, she can’t wait to get started. Her friends are nothing if not dramatic, and now her magic is getting stronger, perhaps she can use that to create some special effects!

But before long the drama takes over the school – with overenthusiastic set design, nervous performers and transformation mishaps. It’s time for Bea and her friends to put their teamwork to the test and put on an unFROGettable performance…

Available now in paperback!

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