As part of our specialist team, we have a dedicated International Rights Manager working hard to establish long-term careers for our clients across the world.

Our Rights Manager is focused on securing the best translation deals and illustration projects worldwide, creating multiple direct income streams for clients in as many markets as possible. Our boutique approach to rights means that every client gets the level of care and attention they deserve.

Having cultivated strong working relationships with publishers, on any given day, you’ll find our Rights Manager handling well-known book brands in multiple markets, negotiating six-figure, multi-book translation deals, coordinating illustration projects with dynamic global partners, organising author trips to meet their international readers or championing all our talented clients at the annual trade book fairs in Bologna, Frankfurt, London and beyond.

International publishers have said that the Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency has one of the most interesting and exciting lists of authors and illustrators in the industry today.

Latest Rights Sales

A Language of Dragons by S.F. Williamson

French rights sold at auction in a six-figure two-book deal

Nina Peanut by Sarah Bowie

North American rights sold in pre-empt

The Doll Twin by Janine Beacham

Italian rights sold in a pre-empt

Homebody by Theo Parish

North American rights sold at auction in a significant six-figure deal

Steady For This by Nathanael Lessore

North American rights sold to Little Brown BFYR

A Language of Dragons by S.F. Williamson

North American rights sold for a major six-figure deal in a ten-way auction

Sincerely Yours, Anna Sherwood by Beth Reekles

Brazilian rights sold to Ediouro

Our international co-agents

  • Armenia: Arevik Ashkharoyan (ARI Literary and Talent Agency)
  • Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia: Vuk Perisic, Mila Perisic & Nada Perisic (PLIMA Literary Agency, Belgrade)
  • China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam: Clare Chi (The Grayhawk Agency, Taipei)
  • Czech Republic & Slovakia: Lucie Polakova (Andrew Nurnberg Associates, Prague)
  • Japan: Solan Natsume (Tuttle Mori Agency, Tokyo)
  • Korea: Danny Hong and Avery Kim (Danny Hong Agency, Seoul)
  • Romania: Simona Kessler and Andreea Focsaneanu (Simona Kessler Agency, Bucharest)
  • Russia: Elizabeth Van Lear & Katya Ilina (Van Lear Agency, London, Moscow)
  • Türkiye: Bengü Ayfer Güngör (Libris Agency, Istanbul)