Wise Creatures

Deirdre Sullivan

Former child psychic Daisy hasn’t thought about her past for a long time. She was only six, after all. The ‘wise creatures’ in the walls of the house, whispering secrets to her, are long gone. Her parents, dead in a mysterious accident, are forgotten. Some surfaces are better left unscratched. Daisy has left those things behind.

And now, ten years on, she has a happy, normal life. But she does wonder, sometimes, about the blank spaces in her memories. The fear when she encounters certain textures, scents. It can be hard to feel safe in a world that’s full of fears you can’t explain. Thank God for Nina, her trusting, sweet foster sister and best friend. So when something seems to upturn in Nina’s life Daisy is shaken. Nina has some secret she is guarding, that she won’t share with Daisy. And then Nina begins to speak of murmurs in the walls, of cold spots. She claims it isn’t her. It’s something else. A malevolent force.

And Daisy knows that something’s up. And that the wise creatures, locked away for so long, are back. And this time they want both Nina, and Daisy …


World: Hot Key Book