The Forever Court

Dave Rudden

After an epic battle against the shadowy monsters of the dark, Denizen Hardwick finally feels like a true Knight. The court of the Endless King has even requested a meeting to thank him for saving the King’s daughter. It’s a rare moment of peace between the Knights and the dark, and it’s either an honour or a trap. There’s only one way to know for sure…

The meeting almost immediately dissolves into a battle. And that’s not the worst of it.

There’s another order of people who can communicate with the monsters of the dark. A family who worships the dark. And if they succeed in their bid for power, even an alliance between Denizen and the Endless King’s daughter won’t be enough to save our world from the shadows…


World: Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency

UK & Commonwealth: Puffin

North America: Random House Children’s Books

France: Pocket Jeunesse

Germany: FischerPolandJaguar

Russia: Kariera

Sweden: Modernista Group AB

Turkey: Pegasus

Film & TV: Prodigal