The Doll Twin

Janine Beacham

Una Wexford used to know where she belonged. Lighthouse born, she was in charge of maintaining the light and helping her family guide sailors to safety. Now, orphaned by the Great War, and having spent two long years in a ‘Home’, Una is relieved to be adopted by the kindly Smiths, in the storm-battered town of Knifely Stifling. She is thankful to be back by the sea and to feel loved once more.

But the townspeople are suspicious of Una, and there are rumours about ‘Copperlins’, the faded mansion she and the Smiths live in. It appears a mysterious doll maker used to live there, and there is an antique carousel in the basement which seems to play by itself at night.

Una, determined to fit in and to be the daughter the Smiths want, tries to ignore the strange scratching and scrapes she hears after dark. That is until she discovers a life-sized doll hidden in the attic, a doll who looks exactly like her, an automaton, with a mind of its own, a doll that seems set on taking Una’s place…


UK & Commonwealth: Firefly Press


  • Italian