The Cartoons that Saved the World

Tom Ellen

The rambunctious sequel to Tom Ellen’s critically acclaimed The Cartoons That Came to Life

When best friends and comic strip creators Finn and Isha discover a group of ‘lost toons’ stranded in the real world, they vow to help them get back home.

But a mistake sees the pair zapped into Toon World themselves!

With the help of their own characters – Arley, Tapper and Jenny Weatherlegs – Finn and Isha must defeat two of the worst baddies ever created, while navigating the biggest bump in their friendship. And make it back to the real world before it’s all too late …

A brilliant laugh-out-loud comic-style illustrations by Phil Corbett, perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Tom Gates. This big-hearted, funny adventure series celebrates individuality, friendship and true loyalty.