Boy In The Tower

Polly Ho-Yen

A captivating debut about fear and hope, Loneliness and friendship, and a young boy trying to find his way home.

It all began on the day the rain stopped falling.

First, the buildings fell. Then the people on the streets. No one could explain why. Until they found the Bluchers.

Ade lives on the seventeenth floor of an inner city tower block. He’s just an ordinary boy. Apart from the fact that his mother won’t leave her bedroom. And he’s only got one true friend: the girl he’s known all his life, Gaia.

When the Bluchers, a plant-form that dissolves buildings and release fatal spores into the air, take over the city, everyone is forced to evacuate and Ade is left alone to face them.

Trapped in his tower block, how can Ade survive as the Bluchers weave their deadly circle around his home?

Random House Children’s Books published in July 2014. BOY IN THE TOWER has been nominated for the Blue Peter, Carnegie and The Branford Boase awards, among many others. See Polly’s News Page for more information.


UK & Commonwealth: Penguin Random House Children’s

Audio: W.F. Howes