All the Better to See You

Gina Blaxill

In and around the ancient forest of Aramor, an urban legend thrives – the legend of the wolf who preys on travellers under the full moon and has even been known to attack humans in their own homes.

As a townsperson who lives on the edge of the forest, Red is well versed in the danger of the wolf. But trouble has never come too close to home. So when Red travels through the forest at night – even when a full moon sits high in the sky – she never sticks to the path like other townsfolk do. But then, Red has always been different.

In the depths of winter, whispers of the wolf suddenly become more frequent, and attacks start to surge. This is no ordinary wolf they’re dealing with. Suddenly the townsfolk start suspecting each other. But when you don’t know who to fear, how can you protect yourself?


World: Scholastic


Portuguese (Brazil)