The Last Dragon is out today!

June 2024

A moving story of bravery, self-belief and our responsibility to the natural world, for readers aged 7+ and full of beautiful black and white artwork by Charis Loke.

Yara has only glimpsed the last dragon on Earth twice in her twelve years. She’s got other things to worry about: her sister is in hospital, her parents are panicking, and her new teacher has labelled her a troublemaker and wants her out. But one evening, in the glow of the lights of the shopping centre in Milton Keynes, Yara finds herself being watched by the last dragon and, before it departs, it leaves her a gift: its only dragon egg.

Entrusted with the care of the last dragon egg, Yara discovers it is more powerful than she could ever have imagined. But there are others who want the egg and they’ll stop at nothing to steal it for themselves…

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