Cosima Unfortunate returns!

Cosima Unfortunate Foils a Fraud is out today! This thrilling new adventure is the second in Laura Noakes' series and features authentic and joyful disabled representation.

Cosima lives at the Star Diamond Home for Children with her best friends Diya, Mary and Pearl. Since uncovering a dastardly plot and escaping their cruel captors, life has been one of peace and contentment – and particularly so for Cos. For alongside her friendships, Cos finally has a real family, too – and every day spent with her long-lost father is more magical than the last. But where Cos goes, adventure is sure to follow – and when a world-famous painting is stolen, Cos’s father is arrested for the crime. Cos and her friends know he has been framed – and they are sure that notorious thief, the Spectre, is responsible. Cos is determined that she won’t lose her father again – and the girls must use spirit, wit, bravery and ingenuity to solve the crime and bring him safely home… Available now in paperback!