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Publication Day for Nick Sheridan

March 2023

The Case of the Phantom Treasure, book two in the mystery series by Nick Sheridan and illustrated by David O'Connell, is out today!

It's the school holidays in Snoops Bay, and Riz, Olly, Drew and Anton are looking for their next adventure. When they decide to visit the town's most unremarkable tourist spot, Bony Beach, they're shocked to discover a long-lost shipwreck that sunk to the bottom of the sea with treasure aboard. But their exploration of the ruin is quickly thwarted when they come face to face with the phantom figure of the ship's captain, Horatio Huxley, and accidentally put a curse on Snoops Bay. Undeterred, our heroes vow to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all. What kind of treasure is aboard the shipwreck? And who (or what) is so determined to keep it all for themselves?

Available now in paperback.

Breaking News out now!

December 2021

Nick Sheridan's debut book, Breaking News: How to Tell What's Real From What's Rubbish, is out today! Written by BBC journalist Nick Sheridan, his funny, practical and ever-so timely guide to the news seeks to show children how to understand and navigate 24/7 news, how to spot the facts from the fake and what to do if the news becomes overwhelming. 

It’s never been easier to access the news; TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and endlessly buzzing on to the screens in our pockets. But with more and more news available, it’s hard to know what to trust. Where do stories come from? What’s real news and what’s fake? And what role does social media play in all of this?

Insightful, hands-on, essential and reassuring, Breaking News will help children navigate the peaks and pitfalls of our modern day news cycle, through laugh-out-loud text, amusing illustration and interactive activities.

Breaking News is available now in paperback.  

The Case of the Runaway Brain out now!

August 2022

The Case of the Runaway Brain publishes today. This is Nick Sheridan's first fiction title, following the success of his non-fiction book, Breaking News

When a child escapes Madame Strang’s Academy for Incredibly Irritating Children in the dead of night, Madame Strang, her cool and calculating right-hand man, Mr Grule, and her overweight sausage dog, Mangler, will do anything to track him down. But friends Riz and Olly know a good story when they see one, and with the help of runaway Drew Hill, the trio are soon on a mission to uncover the secret that Madame Strang is so desperate to keep . . . one that involves a dastardly brainwashing invention and an academy full of plain and perfectly behaved children.

Available now!