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Imagination Box: A Mind of Its Own out now

May 2017

The third novel in the hugely entertaining Imagination Box series, A Mind Of Its Own, is published today!

The world as they know it is doomed when Tim’s old nemesis takes control of the Imagination Box – can they stop Clarice Crowfield before it’s too late?

Congratulations Martyn!

Martyn Ford nominated!

May 2016

Martyn Ford’s fantastic debut novel, The Imagination Box, has been nominated for a Stockport Children’s Book Award 2016.

Winning authors and illustrators will receive a piece of original artwork inspired by the book, created by children involved in the award.

 The award aims to encourage children to read for pleasure and give them access to some of the best new fiction.

The winners will be announced in October.

Congratulations, Martyn!

Double nomination for Ford and Ho-Yen!

January 2016

We are delighted to annouce that two of our children's authors have been shortlisted for the East Sussex Children's Book Award 2016!

Martyn Ford's The Imagination Box and Polly Ho-Yen's Boy in the Tower have both been selected as a title on the shortlist of five books. 

For more information about the award, please click here.

Congratulations, Martyn and Polly!

Summer Reading Challenge for Martyn Ford!

March 2015

In brilliant news, Martyn Ford’s The Imagination Box has been selected for The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge!

The Summer Reading Challenge is a scheme designed for children and their local libraries to participate in during the summer holidays. In 2014, 794,801 children got involved with the international reach, through the British Council, topping 30,000!

The Imagination Box is one of 71 fantastic titles and has been selected in the 8-11 category. This year, the challenge will be in association with Guiness World Records and the theme is Record Breakers. It will aim to bring together fact and fiction with the readers discovering wacky and wonderful records from around the world in six different categories: cool tech, way to go!, the big stuff, animal magic, human touch and action! adventure!

The Imagination Box will be published by Faber on 7th May.

Congratulations, Martyn!

For more information, please click here.

Martyn Ford wins!

October 2016

Martyn Ford has won the Stockport Book Award 2016 for The Imagination Box

It was voted the 'Best Junior Read' for readers aged 7-11. 

The award aims to raise the profile of reading for pleasure, offer children access to some of the best new fiction, and increase parents’, teachers’ and school librarians’ awareness of new fiction. 


Beyond Infinity is published today!

April 2016

The paperback for Beyond Infinity, Martyn Ford’s follow-up to the fun-tastic and critically acclaimed Imagination Box, is published today!

Timothy Hart is getting used to the good life with his new Imagination Box. Anything he can imagine, he can create! There's only one rule - the Box mustn't leave Tim's room at the hotel where he lives.

But Tim has never been good at following rules - especially when there's the opportunity to 'imagine' his homework into being without actually having to do it! Tim is feeling rather pleased with himself...

Until he notices the strange people following him, and then chasing him, and then his beloved Imagination Box being ripped from his hands.

He'll need the help of a Top Secret Scientific Institution if he's going to save the Imagination Box from corruption of the worst possible kind.

Congratulations, Martyn!

The Imagination Box by Martyn Ford is out today!

May 2015

We are thrilled to say that Martyn Ford’s début novel, The Imagination Box, is published today by Faber Children’s Books!

The Imagination Box is the first in Martyn’s middle-grade series featuring Timothy Hart and his talking finger-monkey, Phil.

“There is a box. Anything you imagine will appear inside. You have one go, one chance to create anything you want. What would you pick?”

That’s exactly the question ten-year-old Timothy Hart gets to answer after discovering The Imagination Box. The greatest toy on earth.

The top-secret contraption transforms his life, but when the box’s inventor, Professor Eisenstone, goes missing, Tim knows he has to investigate.

With the help of a talking finger monkey called Phil, he sets out to find the Professor. In order to rescue his friend, he must face his darkest fears and discover the true potential of his own mind.

Congratulations, Martyn!

‘Exciting and lively plotting is cleverly suffused with subtle humour, a handful of super-villains and a bucketful of space-age gadgetry.’ Book Trust