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Call Of The Titanic out now!

June 2023

Today marks the publication of Call of the Titanic, the third historical middle grade adventure by Lindsay Galvin. 

Young cabin steward, Sid, is proud to be working on the Titanic, the greatest stream liner ever built.

Clara dreams of adventure at sea, and discovers it the hard way as a stowaway on a much smaller ship, the Carpathia.

Here, she meets a giant bear of a dog: Rigel, who has a reputation for mischief.

What none of them can foresee is how they'll need each other on the night Titanic collides with an iceberg.

Or that an even more extraordinary creature might also answer their call...

Available now in paperback! 

My Friend the Octopus out now!

June 2022

Today marks the publication of Lindsay Galvin's second historical middle-grade novel, My Friend the Octopus, following the success of her first book, Darwin's Dragons. Her latest book once again combines STEM topics and natural history themes with adventure and mystery. 

England, 1893, and aquarium fever is at its height.

Twelve-year-old Vinnie Fyfe works in the tea-shop at Brighton aquarium, and waits for her milliner mother to return from Paris.

The arrival of a giant octopus changes her life for ever. Discovering a talent for art, Vinnie begins to draw the extraordinary beast.

She soon realises she can communicate with the octopus through colour and – as a gripping mystery begins to unfold – discovers what true courage really means ...

Available now!