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Third Time's A Charm out today

September 2023

Today is publication day for Third Time's A Charm, a short story written by Kate Foster for Collins Big Cat's reading programme!

Billie Nicks loves gymnastics. Her brilliant memory lends itself perfectly to remembering routines, and best of all, she gets to compete alongside her best friends. But Billie has found it difficult to get through a whole competition due to her anxiety and sensory sensitivities. Today, it’s her third attempt, and this time she’s determined to succeed!

Available now in paperback. 

Meet Harriet Hound, the world's happiest superhero!

May 2023

Kate Foster's debut young fiction title, Harriet Hound, is out today in Australia! 

Meet Harriet Hound. She's eight years old and loves dogs!

But Harriet has something else that makes her super ... the power to summon the dogs from her family's rescue shelter every time there’s trouble afoot.

Whether it's a carnival catastrophe, a sudden storm, or vanishing vegetables, Harriet and her best dog friends use their super special talents and problem-solving skills to save the day!

Available now in paperback in ANZ.

Second Publication for Kate Foster

May 2022

The Bravest Word celebrates its Australian publication day today! This rescue story of love and trust between a boy and an abandoned dog is Kate Foster's second novel following the success of her debut PAWS, and deals with the important theme of childhood depression.

When eleven-year-old Matt finds Cliff, a hurt, neglected dog abandoned in the bush, he knows the brave little pup needs saving. He wants to help. But can he?

Lately, Matt has had way more bad days than good days. The pieces of his life just don’t seem to fit together any more and he doesn’t understand why. He’s finding it impossible to concentrate at school and has lost interest in the activities he used to love. Plus, he’s tired all the time.

Matt’s too afraid to share what’s really going on in his own head with anyone. His friends and family will never understand . . . maybe it’s not only Cliff who needs saving.

Available now in Australia. 

New middle grade novel by Kate Foster

July 2023

Kate Foster's latest middle grade novel, The Unlikely Heroes Club, is out today in Australia! This fun and frolicking adventure centres on five kids with a mystery to solve. 

Eleven-year-old Oli is spending his school holidays at Heroes Club, where kids can build friendships and learn about their emotions, but Oli just wants to be home … where it's familiar, not-so-boring and he can play his favourite game.

But when Oli and the other kids at the club see a stray dog who keeps disappearing into a soon-to-be-demolished building across the street, Oli and his four fellow heroes hatch a daring rescue plan to save the dog before it's too late.

It's going to take bravery, some seriously smart teamwork … and a few broken rules.

Out now!

UK publication for PAWS

August 2022

PAWS, the debut novel by Kate Foster, is out today in the UK. Published in Australia in 2021, this gentle and charming story is set to also be released in the US in 2023. 

Everything is changing for 11-year-old Alex and, as an autistic person, change can be terrifying. With the first day of high school only a couple of months away, Alex is sure that having a friend by his side will help. So, he’s devised a plan – impress the kids at school by winning a trophy at the PAWS Dog Show with his trusty sidekick, Kevin. This should be a walk in the park ... right?

Available in the UK and Australia!