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The Haunting of Tyrese Walker out now!

October 2022

The Haunting of Tyrese Walker publishes today! This is J.P. Rose's debut title in the YA space and has its roots in dark Jamaican folklore. 

After a shocking event leaves Tyrese struggling with grief, he’s taken to visit family in Jamaica. From the first night, strange things start happening: impossible visions, blackouts, swarms of insects, and the discovery of a grave hidden deep in the forest… Tyrese can’t explain what’s going on and he’s scared that he’s losing his grip on reality.

Then Tyrese is warned he’s being hunted by the mysterious Shadow Man. Under threat, Tyrese and his friends set out on a terrifying journey across the island to try and uncover the Shadow Man’s sinister history. Who can Tyrese trust when his own mind is falling apart and there’s nowhere left to hide?

Available now in paperback!