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Publication Day for Gina Blaxill

October 2022

Good Enough To Eat is out today! This is the second title in the Tales at Midnight series. Written by Gina Blaxill, this is a dark and twisting retelling of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. 

There is a witch in the woods and she likes to kidnap boys...

The village of Westerleen has been suffering a harsh winter, food is scarce and if you end up lost you may find yourself in the witch's cottage and no one leaves there alive.

When Hansel and Gretel return from the woods, unharmed, everyone believes Hansel to have been the hero who has saved his sister. But it was Gretel who pushed the witch into the fire.

Gretel has never been accepted in her village, will she finally be rewarded?  

Available now!

Publication Day for Gina Blaxill

October 2021

Today marks publication day for Gina Blaxill's latest YA novel, All the Better to See You. Perfect for fans of Dark Unicorns, and Disney's Twisted Tales and Villains series, this dark and irresistible twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale is sure to have readers hooked!

Red is well versed in the stories of the beast who preys on unsuspecting travellers and yet she pays them no mind. But then, Red has always been different.

Suddenly whispers of the wolf become more frequent and townspeople are attacked in their homes. It seems this is no ordinary wolf. Rumours run wild and people begin suspecting one another.

But when you don't know who to fear, how can you protect yourself?

Out now in paperback!

Publication Day for Gina Blaxill

April 2022

Gina Blaxill's latest YA novel, You Can Trust Me, is out today! A bold feminist read, this thriller takes a head on look at privilege, bias and sexual assault within teenage circles. 

When Alana's best friend is found drowned in a pool, the forensic reports discover date-rape drug GHB in her blood. GHB from a drink Alana knows was meant for her.

Despite the swirling rumours, the suspected group of boys seem untouchable. To investigate, Alana allows herself to be pulled into their glittering orbit.

But among shifting alliances, changing alibis and buried secrets, can she pinpoint which of the boys is responsible before she becomes their next target?

Available now!