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Breaking News out now!

December 2021

Nick Sheridan's debut book, Breaking News: How to Tell What's Real From What's Rubbish, is out today! Written by BBC journalist Nick Sheridan, his funny, practical and ever-so timely guide to the news seeks to show children how to understand and navigate 24/7 news, how to spot the facts from the fake and what to do if the news becomes overwhelming. 

It’s never been easier to access the news; TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and endlessly buzzing on to the screens in our pockets. But with more and more news available, it’s hard to know what to trust. Where do stories come from? What’s real news and what’s fake? And what role does social media play in all of this?

Insightful, hands-on, essential and reassuring, Breaking News will help children navigate the peaks and pitfalls of our modern day news cycle, through laugh-out-loud text, amusing illustration and interactive activities.

Breaking News is available now in paperback.  

Paperback publication for The Wintertime Paradox

October 2021

Dave Rudden's The Wintertime Paradox is out today in paperback. Written in conjunction with BBC Books, this title features twelve festive stories from the Doctor Who world and includes an exclusive extra story from the Time Lord Victorious arc. 

Christmas can mean anything . . .

For Missy, it's solving murders in 1909.

For a little girl in Dublin, it's Plasmavores knocking at the door.

For Davros, it's a summons from the Doctor, who needs the mad inventor's help.

The perfect collection for the bleakest - and sometimes brightest - time of the year, these are the tales for when you're halfway out of the dark . . .

Available now in paperback!

Publication Day for Gina Blaxill

October 2021

Today marks publication day for Gina Blaxill's latest YA novel, All the Better to See You. Perfect for fans of Dark Unicorns, and Disney's Twisted Tales and Villains series, this dark and irresistible twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale is sure to have readers hooked!

Red is well versed in the stories of the beast who preys on unsuspecting travellers and yet she pays them no mind. But then, Red has always been different.

Suddenly whispers of the wolf become more frequent and townspeople are attacked in their homes. It seems this is no ordinary wolf. Rumours run wild and people begin suspecting one another.

But when you don't know who to fear, how can you protect yourself?

Out now in paperback!

Publication Day for Perfectly Preventable Deaths sequel

September 2021

Precious Catastrophe, the sequel to Deirdre Sullivan's dark and compelling novel Perfectly Preventable Deaths, is out today. Published by Hot Key, the second book in this series follows the story of sisters Catlin and Madeline after the dramatic events of the first book.

Catlin and Madeline are extraordinary sisters, living extraordinary lives - in a place that seems entirely ordinary, but which in fact seethes with secrets, both sacred and sinister. Ballyfran is a village where, for centuries, people who are not quite human have gathered. Catlin has already fallen foul of one such creature - a dark, vicious predator who almost killed her - and only Madeline giving up a part of her own soul was able to bring Catlin back from the brink of death.

Now, the girls are making their strange new lives: Catlin, haunted by what happened to her, is isolated and bereft; Madeline is learning ancient magics under the tutelage of local wise woman Mamó. Learning that magic isn't mindfulness and hats. It's work - hard work. And Madeline knows she has to keep watch. On her sister. On the things that happen. Notice things before they start to happen. And before long, they do ...

Available in paperback from today!

One Hundred Reasons to Hope out today

September 2021

Today marks publication day for One Hundred Reasons to Hope, an anthology of hopeful and inspiring stories introduced by the legendary Captain Sir Tom Moore and curated by Danielle Brown MBE. 

Captain Sir Tom Moore captured the hearts of a nation, as he walked 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. Captain Sir Tom wished to celebrate many other inspirational stories from this uncertain time, and with his blessing, these one hundred stories make a book of hope for the future. This is a book of gratitude for his inspiration, and a celebration of incredible everyday heroes from across the UK.

These beautifully illustrated true stories of everyday heroes across the nation is introduced by Captain Sir Tom Moore's daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore. During the pandemic we have found hope in unexpected places, and these one hundred stories of hope - written by Paralympian Danielle Brown MBE - show just how extraordinarily we can work together. We feature well-known stories such as Joe Wicks' family workouts, as well as equally astonishing stories of everyday heroes, such as dancing binmen and fancy-dress postal workers, who brought joy to their neighbourhoods.

These are stories of courage and community, of everyday kindness and perseverance. From the scientists racing to find a vaccine, to frontline workers putting themselves at risk, from clapping together to celebrate keyworkers, to breathing cleaner air, discover one hundred hopeful stories from an uncertain time. With lively and engaging illustrations, these are stories that will help you hope that tomorrow will be a good day.

Because hope starts with one small step . . .

A £1 donation will be made to the Captain Tom Foundation for all hardback print sales made in the UK and Ireland. Available now!

Paperback Publication for Savage Her Reply

September 2021

Savage Her Reply, Deirdre Sullivan's feminist and dark retelling of the Irish "Children of Lir" legend, is out today in paperback!

A retelling of the favourite Irish fairytale The Children of Lir. Aífe marries Lir, a chieftain with four children by his previous wife. Jealous of his affection for his children, the witch Aífe turns them into swans for 900 years.

Retold through the voice of Aífe, Savage Her Reply is unsettling and dark, feminist and fierce, yet nuanced in its exploration of the guilt of a complex character.

Available now!

Diary of an Accidental Witch out now!

September 2021

Perdita and Honor Cargill's latest title, Diary of an Accidental Witch, publishes today. This is the first in a series of funny and mischievous chapter books, perfect for fans of The Worst Witch and Tom Gates. 

Bea Black has just moved to Little Spellshire, a town with a magical secret. When her dad accidentally enrols her at the local witch school, she has to get to grips with some interesting new classes, like, NOW! Also on her to do list? Make friends, look after the grumpy class frog AND do everything humanly magically possible to stay on a broom…

But with the Halloween Ball on the horizon, will she be able to master her wand skills in time to WOW? And more importantly can she keep her newfound magical abilities a secret from dad?

Available now in paperback.

Final Kissing Booth Movie Out Today

August 2021

The final installment in the Kissing Booth movie series, The Kissing Booth: One Last Time, has been released today on Netflix. The Kissing Booth series, based on the books by Beth Reekles and starring Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Mollie Ringwald, has had huge international success and is one of the most-watched movie series on the platform. 

The last movie is the conclusion in the story of Elle, Lee and Noah, as Elle faces a big decision about her future. The tie-in book edition is set to be released tomorrow, on the 12th of August.

Available to watch now on Netflix!

How I Saved The World In A Week out today!

July 2021

Polly Ho-Yen's new middle grade thriller, How I Saved The World In A Week, is out today. Polly is the bestselling and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize shortlisted author of Boy in the Tower, Fly Me Home and Where Monsters Lie, as well as her new adult title Dark Lullaby.

Billy’s mum isn’t like other mums. All she wants is to teach him the Rules of Survival – how to make fire, build shelter and find food. She likes to test Billy on the rules until one day she goes too far, and Billy is sent to live with a dad he barely knows.

Then the world changes forever as people begin to be infected with a mysterious virus that turns their skin grey. As chaos breaks out, Billy has to flee the city. Suddenly he realises that this is what his mum was preparing him for – not just to save his family, but to save the whole world. 

Available now!

Debut Publication for Rachel Morrisroe

June 2021

Today marks the publication of Rachel Morrisroe's debut picture book, How to Grow a Unicorn. Published by Puffin, this hilarious rhyming tale is illustrated by Steven Lenton and will make adults and children alike laugh out loud!

Welcome to Mr Pottifer's Parlour of Plants: a magical shop with the most surprising plants you'll ever see!

Sarah thinks she's discovered the perfect gift for her garden-loving grandma, but before you can say GARDEN FULL OF UNICORNS, things grow wildly out-of-hand!

Available today in paperback.

Lollies Shortlisting for Never Show a T-Rex a Book!

June 2021

Rashmi Sirdeshpande's madcap adventure story, Never Show a T-Rex a Book, has been shortlisted for the 2022 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards. Created in 2016 by Scholastic, the awards, known as the 'Lollies', aim to celebrate the funniest children's books from the UK and Ireland, as voted for by children. Voting will be open from summer 2021, closing at the end of the year. The winner will be announced in early 2022. 

Never Show a T-Rex a Book is Rashmi's debut fiction picture book and has since been followed up with a sequel, Never Teach a Stegosaurus to Do Sums. Both books focus on STEM subjects and the power of learning.

Congratulations, Rashmi!

Awards Success for Savage Her Reply

May 2021

Savage Her Reply, Deirdre Sullivan's dark, feminist retelling of the Irish "Children of Lir" legend, has won the KPMG 2021 Children's Books Ireland Award.

The winners were announced during a ceremony on 25th May 2021, which was shared online as part of the International Literature Festival Dublin.

The Last Garden out in paperback

April 2021

The Last Garden, Rachel Ip and Anneli Bray's picture book inspired by Syria and war gardens around the world, has been published in paperback format. The hardback edition was released in October 2020. 

In a war-torn city, a little girl tends to the last garden. But everyone is leaving and soon the girl has to leave too. The garden is all alone now but soon the seeds scatter throughout the city and the roots take hold.

Available now!

Publication Day for The Forgettery

March 2021

Rachel Ip’s picture book, The Forgettery, publishes today. Filled with warmth and gentle humour, The Forgettery takes a sensitive look at dementia and memory loss in order to open up discussions surrounding this challenging topic with young children. This is Rachel’s second picture book following the 2020 publication of her debut, The Last Garden.

Amelia’s granny forgets lots of things. Little things, like where she put her glasses, and big things like people and places. But everything anyone has ever forgotten is stored in The Forgettery, and there Amelia and her granny learn the power of making memories.

Out now in paperback!

How Do You Make A Rainbow? out today

February 2021

Caroline Crowe’s latest picture book title, How Do You Make a Rainbow?, publishes today. 

Stuck inside on a cloudy day, a little girl asks her grandad to help her paint a rainbow on the sky. But as Grandad tells her, rainbows aren't painted on the sky, they grow out of kindness, hope, and helping other people. 

How Do You Make a Rainbow? is a reassuring, heart-warming story of colours, kindness, community and nature, that shows that brighter times are always around the corner.

Now available in paperback.

The Perfect Parent Project out today!

January 2021

Stewart Foster's latest middle-grade title, The Perfect Parent Project, publishes today in paperback. 

All Sam wants is a family of his own, a home instead of a ‘house’ and parents he knows will still be there when he wakes up. Because Sam has been in and out of foster care his whole life and he can’t imagine ever feeling like he truly belongs.

Then his best friend Leah suggests that rather than wait for a family to come to him, he should go out and find one. So begins The Perfect Parent Project ... But Sam may just discover that family has a funny way of finding you.

Out now!

Publication Day for How to Change the World

January 2021

Rashmi Sirdeshpande’s third picture book title, How to Change the World, is out today. Illustrated by Annabel Tempest, this book features 15 stories of inspiring people who changed the world.

Discover the astonishing things humans can achieve: from the campaign for women's votes, to the efforts to heal the ozone layer. Or travel back to the start of democracy in Ancient Greece, and into space to see the incredible teamwork on the international space station. 

Above all, uncover just some of the MANY ways we can work together to change our world - all brought to life with astonishing story-telling and illustration.

Out today in paperback.

Carnegie Medal Nominations for Deirdre Sullivan and Polly Ho-Yen

November 2021

This year's Carnegie Medal nominations have been announced and include two of the Children's Book Agency's authors. Nominated for the 2022 prize are Deirdre Sullivan for Savage Her Reply and Polly Ho-Yen for How I Saved The World In A Week

The CILIP Carnegie Medal aims to recognise books for children and young adults that create outstanding reading experiences through writing. The Carnegie Medal runs alongside the Kate Greenaway Medal, which similarly recognises books that create a great reading experience through illustration. 

Each nominated book will now be read by members of the judging panel, with the longlist being announced on the 16th of February. The winners will eventually be announced on the 16th of June 2022. 

Festive sequel to Santa's New Beard out now!

October 2021

Santa's New Sleigh, the sequel to Caroline Crowe's festive picture book, Santa's New Beard, publishes today. Festive and fun, with hilarious rhyming text, this is sure to become a festive favourite for years to come!

When Santa's sleigh stops working on Christmas Eve the elves all rally round to help. Maybe they could use a slingshot? Or the owls could help? How about polar bears?

Will they be able to sort the sleigh out before it is too late? Things are not looking good until one small elf has a bright idea!

Available now in paperback.

Once There Was A Bear out now!

September 2021

Winnie-the-Pooh fans rejoice! Once There Was A Bear, the official 95th Anniversary prequel to Winnie-the-Pooh written by Jane Riordan is released today! 

We all have a place in our hearts for the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, as told by A.A.Milne in Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner. In honour of the 95th anniversary of Winnie-the-Pooh, highly talented author Jane Riordan has created a wonderful collection of stories, written in the style of A.A.Milne, that take us back to where it all began, when Winnie-the-Pooh was first purchased for baby Christopher Robin.

These brand-new stories are decorated with beautiful illustrations of Winnie-the-Pooh and friends created by Mark Burgess in the style of E.H.Shepard. He is uniquely suited to this having also illustrated The Return to the Hundred Acre Wood and The Best Bear in All the World. Jane Riordan has a strong pedigree in writing in the style of A.A.Milne, having also created Winnie-the-Pooh Meets the Queen and the re-issue edition Winnie-the-Pooh Goes to London.

This timeless story collection is a real tribute to the world’s most famous bear and the perfect opportunity for everyone to revisit these favourite friends and find out how they become the larger than life characters that we all know and love.

Out now!

Rashmi Sirdeshpande picked for World Book Day scheme

September 2021

Think Like a Boss, Rashmi Sirdeshpande's latest non-fiction title, has been selected as part of World Bok Day's 2022 £1 book initiative. 

World Book Day 2022 falls on the 3rd of March next year, and aims to distribute over 15 million £1 book tokens to children around the UK and Ireland, in partnership with schools. The tokens can be swapped for a free World Book Day book at participating bookshops. 

Conngratulations to Rashmi!

Boy in the Tower awarded TV funding

September 2021

Polly Ho-Yen's dystopian middle grade novel, Boy in the Tower, has been awarded funding for development by the BFI and will now go into production phase.

Funded by the UK government, the BFI's remit is to find and nurture talent in order to produce high-quality television programmes for children. Thanks to this funding, Boy in the Tower will now be adapted into a live action television drama, produced by Last Conker with producer Chi Thai at the helm.

Congratulations to Polly!

Publication Day for Caroline Crowe

September 2021

The Fairy Dogmother, the latest funny picture book by Caroline Crowe, is released today. This fresh and funny fairy tale is all about finding your forever family, and is sure to make both chldren and adults laugh out loud!

Cinders LOVES living at Woofington's Dog Shelter. He has fantastic food and fabulous friends. So when, one day, his Fairy Dogmother appears, whatever will he wish for?

Out now in hardback.

The Kissing Booth: One Last Time book publication

August 2021

The final book in the Kissing Booth series has been released today following the Netflix release of the last film. Inspired by the film, the book continues the story of Elle, Noah and Lee as the trilogy comes to an end.

Summer is here, and Elle can't wait to spend it with her two favourite boys: Noah and Lee! Better yet, they'll be chilling at the Flynn family beach home, where Elle and Lee discover the Beach Bucket List - their childhood wishlist of crazy things they swore they'd do together before going to college.

Elle is determined to make this the best summer ever . . . because she's facing the hardest decision of her life. Should she move across the country to join Noah at Harvard, or fulfil her lifelong promise to go to college with Lee at Berkeley?

Soon, between spending time with Noah, picking a school, and doing the bucket list with Lee, Elle feels like she's running around like a crazy person. But when you decide to escape reality, eventually you're going to have to come back to it.

And maybe it's time for Elle to stop thinking about what the boys expect . . . and decide which future she wants. 

The Kissing Booth: One Last Time is available in paperback.

Publication Day for Betsy Buglove

August 2021

Catherine Jacob's latest picture book, Betsy Buglove Saves the Bees, is out today. This bright and magical story is perfect for young fans of David Attenborough!

If there’s anything to know about Betsy Buglove, it’s that, when she’s around, no bug ever has to worry about getting in trouble. Betsy’s not afraid of sticky goo, tangled webs, or even muddy boots, no!

On her sixth birthday she receives a special gift – a magic magnifying glass that allows her to speak to her fuzzy, sometimes slimy, friends. So get ready, because Betsy's about to get some serious business done.

Available now in paperback!

New Middle Grade Novel for A.M. Howell

July 2021

Mystery of the Night Watchers, the latest middle grade mystery adventure by A.M. Howell, publishes today. A.M. Howell is the author of award-winning novels The Garden of Lost Secrets and The House of One Hundred Clocks, both gripping advenures set in the early twentieth century.

MAY, 1910. As the blazing Halley's comet draws close to the earth, Nancy is uprooted to start a new life in Suffolk with a grandfather she has never met. With every curtain drawn shut, Nancy is forbidden from leaving her grandfather's house: no one must know that her or her mother are there.

Yet, when Nancy discovers the house's secret observatory, she watches her mother and grandfather creep out every night... Where are they going? And why mustn't any of them be seen? As the mysteries pile up, Nancy has to bring dark secrets from the past to light - even if doing so will put her own life at risk.

Available now in paperback.

Good News out today!

June 2021

Rashmi Sirdeshpande's latest non-fiction title, Good News: Why the World is Not as Bad as You Think, publishes today. An empowering and uplifting guide to seeing the world in a more positive light, this is Rashmi's follow-up title to Dosh, her guide to all things finance, which was published by Wren and Rook. 

Pandemics, war, terror, natural disasters - the world seems to be full of bad news and it can all feel, well, a little bit scary. But this is just part of the story. There are in fact tons of great things happening, from robots improving health care and trees healing the planet, to everyday people helping their community with acts of kindness and the businesses fighting for good in the world.

In Good News, children will learn to become fake news detectives, sussing out what's real and what isn't. They'll discover the good news - the amazing anecdotes, case studies and figures around the globe that are making a difference. And they'll learn that if we all continue to work together, things can only keep getting better and better.

Empowering, reassuring and confidence-boosting, this book is a positive antidote for testing times.

Out now!

Publication Day for Rashmi Sirdeshpande's Stegosaurus

May 2021

Rashmi Sirdeshpande's Never Teach a Stegosaurus to Do Sums is out today! Illustrated by Diane Ewen, this humorous picture book is the second in the series, with a focus on STEM subjects and the power of learning. 

A laugh-out-loud 'what if . . .?' adventure that celebrates maths being fun in this riotous read.

If a Stegosaurus knew how to do sums - well, what would happen? Maybe she'd learn to code, to invent, to fly to the moon!

Never Teach a Stegosaurus to Do Sums is available now in paperback.

Awards shortlisting for Never Show a T-Rex a Book

May 2021

Rashmi Sirdeshpande's picture book, Never Show a T-Rex a Book, has been shortlisted for the Society of Authors Queen's Knickers Award 2021! The prize is awarded for a quirky and original illustrated book for ages 0-7.

The winner will receive a prize of £5,000, as well as a Queen's Knickers badge, with the runner-up receiving £1,000.

Congratulations, Rashmi!

Check Mates makes UKLA Book Awards shortlist

April 2021

Stewart Foster's middle grade title, Check Mates, has made the shortlist for the 2021 UKLA Book Awards. 

These awards highlight a diverse range of authors, from debuts to prize-winners and best-sellers. They aim to encourage teachers and pupils to broaden their knowledge of children's books and to promote diversity.

Judging will now begin for the shortlisted title. The winners will be announced during a virtual ceremony on the 2nd of July. 

More Awards Success for A.M. Howell

February 2021

A.M. Howell’s The House of One Hundred Clocks has been shortlisted for the 2021 Stockport Children’s Book Award in the Best Reads for Juniors age 9-11 Category.

The winner will be decided by children voting for their favourite books in schools, libraries and homes, with the winners notified in May. The winning authors will then be announced during a virtual ceremony in July. 

Congratulations, A.M. Howell!

The Last Garden longlisted for the Klaus Flugge Prize

February 2021

The Last Garden, illustrated by Anneli Bray and written by Rachel Ip, has been picked for the 2021 Klaus Flugge longlist. The Klaus Flugge Prize celebrates all the most promising and exciting newcomers to children’s picture book illustration.

The shortlist will be revealed on the 19th May 2021, with the winner announced in September. 

Congratulations, Anneli and Rachel!

Paperback Publication for The Beach House

January 2021

Beth Reekles' Kissing Booth novella, The Beach House: A Kissing Booth Story, is out today in paperback. Originally published in ebook in 2020, the paperback publication was scheduled due to popular demand. 

Elle Evans always spends a perfect summer full of sun, sea and plenty of flirting at Lee and Noah's beach house. And she can't wait to hit the beach, even if this year, things are a little different...

Elle is now officially dating hotter-than-hot Noah - it's amazing, and Elle's never been happier. But Noah's leaving for Harvard at the end of the summer - and what will happen to them then? Meanwhile Lee's new girlfriend, Rachel, is joining them for the summer. Elle and Lee have always been BFFs, but can everything stay the same with Rachel on the scene - and with Elle now dating Lee's big brother?

Can Elle have one last perfect summer with her two favourite boys?