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French and Rudden Storm Irish Awards

November 2016

Tana French and Dave Rudden both picked up awards at the prestigious BGE Irish Book Awards last night.

French won the Best Crime Novel for her bestselling thriller The Trespasser. The Trespasser is Tana's 6th book in the Dublin Murder Squad, it went to No 2 in the New York Times Bestseller List.

Dave Rudden won the Best Children's Book of the Year Senior for his fantastic and fantastical debut Knights of the Borrowed Dark, the first in a gripping trilogy.

Smart nominated in Italy

October 2016

Some brilliant news from Italy, Smart has been shortlisted for the prestigious Italian literary prize Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi!

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

Kim has won 9 awards and has been nominated over 20 times for Smart, her debut novel. 

Congratulations Kim!

CILIP Carnegie Medal Nominees 2017

October 2016

Two of our celebrated children's authors have been nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2017. 

Both authors have been nominated for their second novel: Polly Ho-Yen  for Where Monsters Lie and Kim Slater for A Seven Letter Word.

The CILIP Carnegie Medal is is awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book written in English for children and young people. It is one of the most prestigious prizes in children's literature. 


Caroline Crowe shortlisted for Heart of Hawick

October 2016

Our fantastic children's author, Caroline Crowe, has been shortlisted for the Heart of Hawick Children's Book Award 2017!

Her swashbuckling bedtime tale Pirates in Pyjamas is one of a handful of titles nominated for the award which aims to get children excited about books and reading – for fun, learning, confidence and better life chances.

Helen Grant's Ghostly Exhibit

September 2016

Our brilliant Children's Agency author Helen Grant took part in the Doors Open Day in Scotland over the weekend.

Doors Open Day happens all over Scotland in September where historic or interesting buildings are opened to the public free of charge. 

The Library of Innerpeffray, a beautiful antiquarian library near Crieff, ran a special exhibition called "Innerpeffray Inspired" featuring creative work inspired by the library.  Helen exhibited the "Ghost Stories of Innerpeffray", three chilling stories set in the area. 

Nottingham knows best

August 2016

We are so thrilled that Nottingham, a UNESCO City of Literature, has chosen Smart, by Kim Slater, for the official worldwide UNESCO Recommended Summer Reads initiative. 

The UNESCO Cities of Literature work together to bridge the culture gap between countries by encouraging creative and literature exchanges. Nottingham joined this fantastic programme in 2015, on the same day as other such wonderful cities as Baghdad in Iraq, Lviv in Ukraine, Barcelona in Spain and Montevideo in Uruguay, among others.

UNESCO asked their Cities of Literature to recommend a perfect Summer Read, and we agree that Smart is a perfect choice! 

For more information on the UNESCO City of Literature programme, please click here and if you'd like to see the other titles joining Smart on the list of Recommended Reads from around the World, click here.

Olivia Hope joins the DA Children's Agency

August 2016

We are thrilled to welcome Olivia Hope to the DA Children’s Agency.

Her inspiring and imaginative picture book, Be Wild, Little One, will be published by Bloomsbury.

This beautiful and moving story about a grandparent helping their grandchild see adventure in the world, in one day, through imaginative play, has been compared to Helen Oxenbury for its quality and timeless appeal.

Before writing, Olivia was a record breaking hammer thrower. But she insists she has never (knowingly) thrown a child. 

Many congratulations, Olivia, we are delighted to have you here! 

Follow her on Twitter: @AnSiogGlas  

Where Monsters Lie published today

July 2016

The second novel from the brilliant Polly Ho-Yen, Where Monsters Lie, is published today!

Polly’s first novel, The Boy in the Tower, was lauded by critics and readers alike and was nominated for 15 awards.

Polly recently embarked on #30Libraries30Days in a bid to raise support for libraries around the UK. Click here to read more.

Kim Slater wins, again!

May 2016

Kim Slater's Smart has been announced of the winner of the Grampian Children's Book Award 2016. 

Kim was one of six shortlisted authors which included Eve Ainsworth and Juno Dawson. 

Congratulations, Kim!

Beyond Infinity is published today!

April 2016

The paperback for Beyond Infinity, Martyn Ford’s follow-up to the fun-tastic and critically acclaimed Imagination Box, is published today!

Timothy Hart is getting used to the good life with his new Imagination Box. Anything he can imagine, he can create! There's only one rule - the Box mustn't leave Tim's room at the hotel where he lives.

But Tim has never been good at following rules - especially when there's the opportunity to 'imagine' his homework into being without actually having to do it! Tim is feeling rather pleased with himself...

Until he notices the strange people following him, and then chasing him, and then his beloved Imagination Box being ripped from his hands.

He'll need the help of a Top Secret Scientific Institution if he's going to save the Imagination Box from corruption of the worst possible kind.

Congratulations, Martyn!

A Seven Letter Word out today!

March 2016

A Seven Letter Word, the second novel from the multi-award winning Kim Slater is published today by Macmillan Children’s Books.


‘That’s one seven letter word I wish didn’t exist. Fifty points extra or not.’

'My name is Finlay McIntosh. I can see OK, can hear perfectly fine and I can write really, really well. But the thing is, I can't speak. I'm a st-st-st-stutterer. Hilarious, isn't it? It's like the word is there in my mouth, fully formed and then, just as it's ready to leave my lips . . . POP! It jumps and ricochets and bounces around my gob. Except it isn't funny at all, because there's not a thing I can do about it.'

Finlay's mother vanished two years ago. And ever since then his stutter has become almost unbearable.

Bullied at school and ignored by his father, the only way to get out the words which are bouncing around in his head is by writing long letters to his ma which he knows she will never read, and by playing Scrabble online.

But when Finlay is befriended by an online Scrabble player called Alex, everything changes. Could it be his mother secretly trying to contact him? Or is there something more sinister going on?

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S Kim!

SMART and Brilliant

March 2016

Our wonderful author, Kim Slater, has been awarded the Brilliant Book Award 2016 for her debut novel Smart!

The award, organised by the Nottinghamshire Education Library Service, gives the opportunity for students across the region to read and vote for their favourite shortlisted title. The scheme aims to give a voice to pupils through reading for pleasure and to recognise excellence as well as popularity.

Kim was absolutely thrilled and said, 'As a local author, the Brilliant Book Award is particularly close to my heart. I am so proud of our fabulous region and as the book is set in the local area, it is a fitting tribute to Nottingham's new status as a UNESCO City of Literature. I'm delighted that the BBA schools voted Smart as this year's BBA winner!'

Many congratulations Kim!

Dominion out now!

February 2016

Dominion, the final instalment of the epic Chronicles of the Invaders trilogy from John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard, is published today by Headline.

Syl Hellais is the first of the alien Illyri race to be born on Earth. Paul Kerr is a teenage Resistance fighter. In search of freedom, they found each other.

With the Illyri invasion came the promise of a new future for Mankind – one in which deserts would flourish and terminal illness would be cured – but with it also came a sleeping terror. For within the worst of the invaders dwells an ancient species known only as the Others.

Everything they touch, they devour.

Now it will fall to Syl and Paul to save this world – to save all worlds – from the horror that lurks in the darkness.

Congratulations John and Jennifer!

Smart is Spellbinding!

February 2016

Kim Slater has received her 21st nomination for Smart after being shortlisted for 'Spellbinding', the Cumbrian School's Book Award 2016.

Pupils belonging to the NTS Book Club will read and review as many of the books as they can before they vote for their favourite 3 titles. The overall winner will be chosen from the top 3 in June.

Many congratulations, Kim!

Smart Scores 20!

January 2016

We're delighted to say this morning that Smart by Kim Slater has scooped its 20th award shortlisting!

Smart has been shortlisted for the Dorset New Horizons Book Award 2016.

In more fantastic news, we're also really pleased that Polly Ho Yen's Boy in the Tower has also been shortlisted. 

For more information on the award, click here

Congratulations, Kim and Polly!

Smart scoops 4th win!

January 2016

We are so thrilled to annouce that Kim Slater's brilliant YA novel, Smart, has scooped its 4th win at the Tower Hamlets Book Awards!

Clare, Kim's agent, and Emma, Rights Executive, went to the Tower Hamlets Book Awards to support both Kim and Polly Ho-Yen, who was also nominated for the fantastic Boy in the Tower, last Friday. 

After wonderful afternoon full of presentations from the schools involved and a lot of excited signing of books, Kim was announced this year's winner.

Congratulations, Kim!

Smart and Boy in the Tower score more nominations!

January 2016

We are thrilled to say that Kim Slater's Smart has been nominated for two more children's book awards! 

Smart has been shortlisted for the Bolton Children's Fiction Award 2016 and the Children's Book Award 2016! 

We are also proud to say that Polly Ho Yen's Boy in the Tower has also been shortlisted for the Children's Book Award 2016! 

Congratulations, Kim and Polly! 

Dreamworks Studios buys John Connolly's Trilogy featuring Samuel Johnson & his loyal dog Boswell

January 2016

Famed American Film Studio Deamworks has acquired bestselling writer John Connolly’s brilliant trilogy of middle-grade novels.

The three books are: The Gates; The Infernals; (Hell’s Bells in the UK) and The Creeps.

Featuring a young protagonist, Samuel Johnson and his loyal dog Boswell (a dachshund) who battle the forces of darkness just prior to Halloween as the gates of hell open at a house owned by Mrs Abernathy.

The Gates: The fate of humanity lies in the hands of one small boy, Samuel Johnson; an even smaller dog and a very unlikely demon named Nurd.
The Infernals: Samuel has won over the dark forces but he is dating the wrong girl and is still being hunted by Mrs Abernathy
The Creeps: Samuel’s allies now include two demons, a monster and a handful of dwarfs. But other demons are occupying his spare room and his town appears to be cursed and he is lured into a trap which tests his ingenuity to the limit.

‘Roald Dahl meets Harry Potter in these wonderfully strange and brilliant novels’

Cathy Cassidy Tops 1 million

November 2016

We are so proud to announce that Cathy Cassidy, the author of Broken Heart Club and The Chocolate Box Girls series, has sold over 1 million copies in France!

Cathy has a phenomenal fan base in France and her publisher Nathan have championed our wonderful author, even expanding The Chocolate Box Girls into a new comic book series with comic publisher Jungle.

Cathy is the author of over 20 novels and in each she writes about friendships and real issues faced by young people with a sensitive yet unflinching voice like no other.

Congratulations Cathy, you are an exceptional talent.

Martyn Ford wins!

October 2016

Martyn Ford has won the Stockport Book Award 2016 for The Imagination Box

It was voted the 'Best Junior Read' for readers aged 7-11. 

The award aims to raise the profile of reading for pleasure, offer children access to some of the best new fiction, and increase parents’, teachers’ and school librarians’ awareness of new fiction. 


Deirdre Sullivan wins a White Raven

October 2016

Our YA author Deirdre Sullivan has been awarded a White Raven by the International Youth Library for her powerful and poetic novel, Needlework.

Each year the language specialists at the International Youth Library, in Munich, Germany, select newly published books from around the world that they consider to be especially noteworthy.

The White Raven label is given to books that deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design.


The Book of Lost Things 10th Anniversary

October 2016

The international bestseller from John Connolly celebrated its 10th anniversary with the release of beautiful special hardback edition. 

The 'charming, disturbing and outrageously imaginative' novel, which is one of John's favourite works, is a timeless coming of age fable about life and loss. 

Cathy Comics

August 2016

We are thrilled to announce that the bestselling Chocolate Box Girls series by Cathy Cassidy will be adapted into English language comic books.

French publisher Nathan’s huge success with the novels led to the creation of the brilliant comic book versions published by Editions Jungle.

Now Papercutz, the biggest children’s comic book publisher in the US, will translate and publish the comics for release in early 2017. The first will feature Cherry Crush and Marshmallow Skye.

UNESCO chooses Knights of the Borrowed Dark

August 2016

Dave Rudden’s action-packed and powerfully imagined Knights of the Borrowed Dark has been chosen as the UNESCO Dublin City of Literature’s Citywide Read 2017!

This reading initiative is organised by Dublin City Council’s Public Library Service as part of its UNESCO City of Literature programme with the aim of encouraging children to read for pleasure. 

Dave was honoured and delighted to be chosen, adding, “This is the city that taught me how to write, and I owe so much to its vibrant, friendly and supportive literary community. I can’t wait to share KOTBD with Dublin’s young readers and help them find stories of their own.”

Congratulations Dave!

Is That An Elephant In My Fridge? published today

July 2016

The brilliant Caroline Crowe’s, Is That An Elephant In My Fridge?, is published today!

Young readers will adore the second picture book from Crowe. Her first book, Pirates in Pyjamas, was a rip-roaring bedtime tale that captivated youngsters’ imaginations.

Is That An Elephant In My Fridge? is trunk load of fun and parents are sure to find their kids poring themselves over the fantastic pictures for hours. 

The Monster Draw

June 2016

The brilliant Polly Ho-Yen announced The Monster Draw open today!

One lucky student has the chance to win a set of Where Monster's Lie books for their class, Polly's new novel, as well as a school visit from the author herself. 

To win, entrants must draw: A monster where you live.

Polly says, "Please don’t feel that you need to be a wonderful at drawing to enter. It's the idea we're interested in."

Please go to Polly's website for more monsterous details.

Entries must be sent by Monday 4th July. Good luck!

Martyn Ford nominated!

May 2016

Martyn Ford’s fantastic debut novel, The Imagination Box, has been nominated for a Stockport Children’s Book Award 2016.

Winning authors and illustrators will receive a piece of original artwork inspired by the book, created by children involved in the award.

 The award aims to encourage children to read for pleasure and give them access to some of the best new fiction.

The winners will be announced in October.

Congratulations, Martyn!

Knights of the Borrowed Dark published today!

April 2016

The astonishingly assured debut novel from Dave Rudden, Knights of the Borrowed Dark, is published by Puffin today. It is the first in a middle-grade fantasy trilogy from the Irish author which was snapped up by Ben Horslen, Editorial Director at Puffin, in a six-figure pre-empt.

Denizen Hardwick doesn't believe in magic - until he's ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight. That kind of thing can really change your perspective.

Now Denizen is about to discover that there's a world beyond the one he knows. A world of living darkness where an unseen enemy awaits.

Fortunately for humanity, between us and the shadows stand the Knights of the Borrowed Dark.

Unfortunately for Denizen, he's one of them...

Congratulations, Dave!

SMART's Still Sweeping Up

March 2016

More and more great news for Kim Slater as Smart scooped the 1066 Schools’ Book Award 2016!

The award is voted for by schools in Hastings and the surrounding East Sussex area.

It was also recently announced that Smart has been nominated for the Hampshire Book Award 2016 racking up her 23rd nomination. An absolutely staggering achievement.

Congratulations, Kim. Here’s to the next 23!

The Island is out now!

March 2016

The outstanding debut, The Island, from Olivia Levez, is published today by Oneworld.

Frances is alone on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. She has to find water and food. She has to survive. And when she is there she also thinks about the past. The things that she did before. The things that made her a monster.

Nothing is easy. Survival is hard. And so is being honest about the past. Frances is a survivor though and she sees that the future is worth fighting for.

The Island is a gripping and thoughtful story about a girl who didn’t ask to be the person she is but is also determined to make herself the person she wants to be. All is not lost but some things are hard to find

Sarah Odedina described the book as “A pulse-quickening read with real heart by a hugely exciting new voice who I very much look forward to publishing and bringing to readers.”

What are you waiting for? You couldn’t ask for more from a book.

Congratulations Olivia!

Rebekah Faubion joins the DA Agency!

February 2016

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Rebekah Faubion to the Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency.

Rebekah is a novelist and screenwriter living in Texas with her husband and son. She is the co-author of The Urban Cowgirl Cookbook which she penned with celebrity chef and childhood best friend, Sarah Penrod.

Before getting into novels and screenplays, Rebekah wrote and directed local theatre productions for children. Her short film Cassie’s Cause, about a little girl and her Zombie brother, wrapped production in November 2013.

A self-confessed ‘restless extrovert’ Rebekah is always keen to chat on social media. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @rffaubion.

Her debut YA novel, Of Blood and Promises, will be published in the US early 2017.

Welcome, Rebekah! We are so happy to have you at the agency.

The Bookseller Reveals #KOTBD

February 2016

We are so excited and proud to see the cover of Dave Rudden’s début Knights of the Borrowed Dark revealed on the front of The Bookseller today.

Puffin’s biggest Middle Grade launch of 2016 is the first book in a new series about Denizen Hardwick, an orphan boy who discovers he is part of a secret army that protects the world from a race of shadowy monsters.

‘Scary and funny – my two favourites. Dave Rudden is more than a rising star, he is a shooting star.’ Eoin Colfer

#KOTBD is available for pre-order here and published in the UK on April 7th.

You can also follow Dave on Facebook at Knights of the Borrowed Dark, and Twitter @d_ruddenwrites and keep up to date with all the exciting news as it’s revealed on #KOTBD.


Double nomination for Ford and Ho-Yen!

January 2016

We are delighted to annouce that two of our children's authors have been shortlisted for the East Sussex Children's Book Award 2016!

Martyn Ford's The Imagination Box and Polly Ho-Yen's Boy in the Tower have both been selected as a title on the shortlist of five books. 

For more information about the award, please click here.

Congratulations, Martyn and Polly!

The Almost Animals is out today!

January 2016

Hugh Holman's quirky first title for children, The Almost Animals, is out today from Strident!

Congratulations, Hugh! 

Grant scoops first prize

January 2016

Helen Grant has won first prize in Shetland Noir's writing competition run alongside the Shetland Noir Book Festival. 

The story was judged by a panel of three: author, Ann Cleeves, Karen Fraser of Shetland Library and Louise Graham of Orkney Library. All three were unanimous in their appreciation of the quality of the writing they encountered.

Helen will be going to Shetland Noir Book Festival in November to receive the Jimmy Perez Trophy.

For more information, please click here.

Congratulations, Helen!