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Return to Little Spellshire with Diary of an Accidental Witch 4

February 2023

Diary of an Accidental Witch: Unexpected Guests, the fourth title in Perdita and Honor Cargill's fun and magical young fiction series, is out today!

Bea Black is determined to become the BEST witch she can be and learn EVERYTHING about magic. So when a school visit from some VERY important guests is announced, Bea is thrilled! It’s her chance to help Little Spellshire School for the Extraordinary Arts and show off what she’s learned so far.

But when the visitors arrive, they are NOT who the students and teachers were expecting. In fact, they’re the opposite! With the witch school at risk of being exposed, it’s up to Bea to use her ordinary special skills to save the day.

Debut Publication Day for Ayaan Mohamud

February 2023

Ayaan Mohamud's debut YA novel, You Think You Know Me, is out today! 

People like me are devils before we are angels.

Hanan has always been good and quiet. She accepts her role as her school's perfect Muslim poster girl. She ignores the racist bullies.

A closed mouth is gold - it helps you get home in one piece.

Then her friend is murdered and every Muslim is to blame.

The world is angry at us again.

How can she stay silent while her family is ripped apart? It's time for Hanan to stop being the quiet, good girl. It's time for her to stand up and shout.

Available now in paperback. 

Villains Academy makes its debut!

February 2023

Villains Academy, the first title in a brand new highly illustrated series for young middle-grade readers, is out today! Created by author-illustrator Ryan Hammond, this villainously funny series is perfect for fans of Amelia Fang, Dog Man and Grimwood

Welcome to Villains Academy – the most prestigious villain school in the ENTIRE land. You will either leave here as a fully-formed villain . . . or in tatters.

It's werewolf Bram’s first day at Villains Academy. He really doesn’t feel like a villain at all, but the coveted Villain of the Week trophy is up for grabs, and Bram knows he’ll have to dig deep. With the help of new friends Mona the elf-witch, Bryan the lion, Shelia the ghost and Tony the skeleton, can Bram find his inner badness and become the villain he's always dreamed of being?

Out now!

Second Puppy Club title for Catherine Jacob!

January 2023

Today marks publication day for Puppy Club: Coco Settles In, the second in the adorable and heart-warming Puppy Club series by Catherine Jacob. 

Join Jaya, Willow, Daniel, Elsa, Arlo and Harper as they all navigate the ups and downs of life with a brand-new puppy!

Elsa loves her gorgeous puppy Coco but her family’s two cats aren’t so welcoming. They chase the terrified pup all over the house! And to make things worse, Coco’s chewing everything and it’s stressing Mum out. Luckily Puppy Club is on hand to help, and soon Operation Friendship is underway, with plans to keep Coco out of trouble and help her bond with the cats. But with each day seeming to bring a new disaster, Elsa can’t help worrying … what if Mum has second thoughts about keeping the puppy?

Out now!