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Return to Villains Academy in How To Steal A Dragon!

October 2023

How To Steal A Dragon is out today, the second instalment in the villainously funny Villains Academy series author-illustrated by Ryan Hammond!

It’s the start of the winter term and there’s a new teacher in town at Villains Academy – the notorious dragon-rider Felix Frostbite. Class Z are in awe of him and his lessons on venomous beasts and mythical creatures, but werewolf Bram is suspicious. Soon Bram and his friends the Cereal Killers uncover Felix Frostbite’s evil plan to steal all the dragons from the Wicked Woods and leave Villains Academy undefended. Have the gang learnt enough to outsmart their troublesome teacher, or will Felix Frostbite’s heist go down in villain history?

Out now!

New outing for Caroline Crowe's Christmas series!

October 2023

Santa's in need of a new reindeer in Santa's New Reindeer, the third book in the hilarious festive series by Caroline Crowe! Will Christmas be saved on time? 

One week to go 'till Christmas Day,
The final touches underway,
A ribbon here, a flourish there,
And presents piled up everywhere.

Santa smiled. 'What could go wrong?'
He didn't have to wait too long . . .
Out of the sky a whirling blur,
Of antlers, legs and soft brown fur,

Came crashing through the workshop roof,
And that's how Rudolph sprained his hoof . . .

Oh no! Another Christmas disaster! The sleigh can't fly without Rudolph. Luckily, head engineer Lizzie is on hand to help . . . introducing ROBO-REINDEER! Christmas is saved once more.

Out now in hardback and paperback.

Publication day for Deirdre Sullivan

September 2023

Today marks the publication of Deirdre Sullivan's latest YA psychological horror, Wise Creatures

If anyone knows what it is to be haunted, it's Daisy. The ghosts of her troubled past are ever present. Daisy has always done her best to shut the ghosts away. To shut away the wise creatures who used to whisper to her from the walls of the house. To live a normal life.

But now, something is humming in the house. Something dark, and unknown. And it's targeting Nina, her beloved sister. Daisy knows that something is up. And that the wise creatures, locked away for so long, are back. And this time, who knows what they want?

Wise Creatures is available from today in paperback. 

Debut for Lisa Richardson!

September 2023

Channel Fear, the debut YA horror novel by Lisa Richardson, is out today! This mesmerising tale is perfect for teen fans of The Haunting of Hill House and The Blair Witch Project

YouTube ghost hunting stars, Zach and Lucas, disappeared at an undisclosed location several months ago.

Iris – who heads up her own unsuccessful channel with co-hosts Byron and his girlfriend Molly – is obsessed with the duo, and has been searching for the location ever since.

Then, she stumbles across long-abandoned Thornhanger House. The trio set aside their toxic love triangle when they find Zach and Lucas’s abandoned equipment inside … complete with their last day of filming.

As they watch the footage, a horrifying truth emerges: whatever came for Zach and Lucas is coming for them too …

Fly back to Little Spellshire in Diary Of An Accidental Witch 5

August 2023

Diary Of An Accidental Witch: Stage Fright flies to the shelves today! This is the latest book in the hiliariously funny and sparklingly magical series by Perdita and Honor Cargill.

Friday 18th February
Binxy has just reminded us that we have to put on this play in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL and now we’re a mixture of excited and SCARED!

When Bea’s class is tasked with putting on the school play, she can’t wait to get started. Her friends are nothing if not dramatic, and now her magic is getting stronger, perhaps she can use that to create some special effects!

But before long the drama takes over the school – with overenthusiastic set design, nervous performers and transformation mishaps. It’s time for Bea and her friends to put their teamwork to the test and put on an unFROGettable performance…

Available now in paperback! 

Debut publication day for Maria Motunrayo Adebisi!

August 2023

Today marks the publication of Koku Akanbi And The Heart of Midnight, the debut middle grade adventure novel by Maria Motunrayo Adebisi!

Koku has always felt like he was cursed with a weird name and an illness to match. He thinks life can't get any worse - until he unleashes a demon on a school trip. He expects detention, but instead he's hurled into an impossible quest filled with magical tribes, man-eating monsters and vengeful mermaids.

When an assassin is sent to hunt him down, Koku's only hope is to team up with a clumsy shapeshifter and a moody warrior-in-training. Together they enter the Jujuland jungle, a place filled with dangerous secrets. 

Out now and Children's Book of the Month at Blackwell's!

Fourth picture book for Rachel Morrisroe!

July 2023

The Truth About Yeticorns is out today! This humorous and heart-warming tale is the fourth picture book by Rachel Morrisroe and is all about sibling friendships and telling the truth. 

Bea often tells little fibs when something goes wrong. Fairy-cats wiped mud all over the floor, wild octoponies flooded the bathroom... and lately, a humongous Yeticorn has been charging around, gobbling up her sister Edie's sweets and sneezing confetti everywhere!

But one day, Bea wakes to find that a Yeticorn REALLY has come to stay - and his whippy, trippy tail causes all sorts of problems that she gets the blame for!

Can Bea find the courage to stop fibbing and finally tell the truth?

Out now in paperback!

Call Of The Titanic out now!

June 2023

Today marks the publication of Call of the Titanic, the third historical middle grade adventure by Lindsay Galvin. 

Young cabin steward, Sid, is proud to be working on the Titanic, the greatest stream liner ever built.

Clara dreams of adventure at sea, and discovers it the hard way as a stowaway on a much smaller ship, the Carpathia.

Here, she meets a giant bear of a dog: Rigel, who has a reputation for mischief.

What none of them can foresee is how they'll need each other on the night Titanic collides with an iceberg.

Or that an even more extraordinary creature might also answer their call...

Available now in paperback! 

Cosima Unfortunate flies to the selves!

May 2023

Cosima Unfortunate Steals A Star is out today! This thrilling new adventure is Laura Noakes' debut novel and features authentic and joyful disabled representation. 

Cosima Unfortunate has spent all her life at the Home for Unfortunate Girls – a school where any disabled children, or children deemed different, are sent, whether their families want it or not. It is there that she meets her friends – Pearl, Mary and Diya – and they start to practise mini heists involving the theft of cakes, biscuits and other sweet goodies.

But when Cos finds out that Lord Francis Fitzroy, the explorer behind the Empire Exhibition, is planning to adopt them, she and her friends plot the biggest heist of their life. Instead of fondant fancies, they’re going to steal Fitzroy’s prized tiara, containing the legendary Star Diamond of India! But, as they start preparing for the day, Cosima finds herself drawing ever closer to discovering the one secret she’s always wanted to know – the truth about her parents…

Available now in paperback!

Be More Dog out today!

May 2023

Be More Dog, Caroline Crowe's latest picture book, is making its way onto the shelves today. This uplifting story celebrates the bond between children and their pets and encourages us to embrace our inner dog!

Sam can find happiness in the most unexpected places: a smelly old boot, a deflated ball, even in a muddy puddle! When Dad leaves for work, Sam's young owner needs a little help to be happy again. Can Sam show his best friend how to be a bit less sad and a bit more dog?

Out now in hardback!

New YA title for Beth Reekles

May 2023

Beth Reekles' new coming-of-age YA title, The Summer Switch-Off is out today!

Luna thought her first year at uni was perfect - until her relationship broke up, and she realised she's her old school friends might be ghosting her. She's never felt so lonely.

Rory's passion is art (and promoting it on her social media), but she wants to fit in with her sensible family, so she's signed up to study law. It sounds like the most boring thing on earth.

And as for Jodie - she's put her all into getting top marks at uni, but she can't remember the last time she had a night out - or a date. Her life is great on paper, but she's exhausted. Is this the right path for her after all?

In desperate need of an escape, the girls book themselves on a holiday that's meant to be perfect for solo travellers. But the idyllic resort of Casa Dorada is actually a digital detox retreat - which means NO PHONES! And that's not even the biggest disaster waiting for them . . .

Will it be a summer the girls will never forget - or one they'd rather not remember?

Out today in paperback!

New Winnie-the-Pooh title out for Riordan!

April 2023

Jane Riordan's latest title featuring Winnie-the-Pooh is out today! Publishing in time for the Coronation, this story follows the classic character as he and his friends meets the King.

When Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends go on an expedition to a Royal London Park they don’t expect to find themselves in the middle of a royal adventure.

This charming story takes place at a very special Royal Coronation. When Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet lose Eeyore in the crowd, they come up with a plan to find their friend. Along the way they meet a Very Important Person and learn about the importance of kindness, helping others and new beginnings.

Winnie-the-Pooh Meets the King is out now!

New heart-racing YA thriller by Gina Blaxill

April 2023

Gina Blaxill's new YA thriller, Love You To Death, is out today! This dark and twisty story deals with themes like obsession, stalking and toxic love, and will keep readers hooked from start to finish. 

Someone is obsessed with Mia Hawkins.

She's felt their gaze on the back of her neck. She's heard their footsteps, walking home in the dark. She’s glimpsed a shadowy figure and the flash of a camera.

Mia doesn't know Jade. But Jade knows everything about Mia. In fact, she's turned herself into Mia's doppelganger, from her long brown hair to the minute details of her outfits. She's so convincing that when Jade's body is found by the cliffs, everyone believes it's Mia.

But Mia can't work out why anyone would imitate her - or why they'd end up dead. As life as she knows it is decimated, she is left with no idea who to trust . . . or if she will be the next one to die.

Available now in paperback!

Publication Day for Nick Sheridan

March 2023

The Case of the Phantom Treasure, book two in the mystery series by Nick Sheridan and illustrated by David O'Connell, is out today!

It's the school holidays in Snoops Bay, and Riz, Olly, Drew and Anton are looking for their next adventure. When they decide to visit the town's most unremarkable tourist spot, Bony Beach, they're shocked to discover a long-lost shipwreck that sunk to the bottom of the sea with treasure aboard. But their exploration of the ruin is quickly thwarted when they come face to face with the phantom figure of the ship's captain, Horatio Huxley, and accidentally put a curse on Snoops Bay. Undeterred, our heroes vow to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all. What kind of treasure is aboard the shipwreck? And who (or what) is so determined to keep it all for themselves?

Available now in paperback.

Return to Little Spellshire with Diary of an Accidental Witch 4

February 2023

Diary of an Accidental Witch: Unexpected Guests, the fourth title in Perdita and Honor Cargill's fun and magical young fiction series, is out today!

Bea Black is determined to become the BEST witch she can be and learn EVERYTHING about magic. So when a school visit from some VERY important guests is announced, Bea is thrilled! It’s her chance to help Little Spellshire School for the Extraordinary Arts and show off what she’s learned so far.

But when the visitors arrive, they are NOT who the students and teachers were expecting. In fact, they’re the opposite! With the witch school at risk of being exposed, it’s up to Bea to use her ordinary special skills to save the day.

Debut Publication Day for Ayaan Mohamud

February 2023

Ayaan Mohamud's debut YA novel, You Think You Know Me, is out today! 

People like me are devils before we are angels.

Hanan has always been good and quiet. She accepts her role as her school's perfect Muslim poster girl. She ignores the racist bullies.

A closed mouth is gold - it helps you get home in one piece.

Then her friend is murdered and every Muslim is to blame.

The world is angry at us again.

How can she stay silent while her family is ripped apart? It's time for Hanan to stop being the quiet, good girl. It's time for her to stand up and shout.

Available now in paperback. 

Brand new festive picture book by Rachel Morrisroe out today!

October 2023

The Robin Who Stole Christmas, the brand new laugh-out-loud picture book by Rachel Morrisroe, with illustrations by Richard Merritt, is out today in time for the festive season!

A little red robin - who just so happens to be the world's most wanted thief - has a rather unusual plan this festive season. He hates Christmas, and so he's going to STEAL it - baubles, mince pies, Santa, and all!

But Rotten Robin hadn't realised the feathers he'd ruffle by taking away the Yuletide celebrations - and when he's forced to give back everything he's stolen, he realises that Christmas might not be that bad after all...

Available now in paperback. 

Head to the Hundred Acre Wood with a brand new Winnie-the-Pooh story collection!

September 2023

If you're a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh, today's your lucky day! Winnie-the-Pooh: Tales From The Forest, the brand new authorised illustrated sequel story collection written by Jane Riordan, is out today! 

This authorised collection celebrates the Hundred Acre Wood. The seven brand-new stories are set after the timeless tales in Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner. They take us back to much loved places that Milne’s stories and Shepard’s map introduced us to, like Eeyore’s Gloomy Place and the Poohsticks Bridge as well as new settings that Pooh and his friends have adventures in. The stories also feature trips to the British Museum and the Tower of London.

Perfect for fans of Pooh bear, both young and old!

Addy Farmer celebrates Earth's ecology in Icky World series

September 2023

Today marks publication day for the two first books in the Icky World series: We Need Slime! and We Need Poo! by Addy Farmer!

Get to know the icky but important SLIME and POO that keeps nature running!

Icky World takes a look at the science of the messiest parts of nature and reminds us all to protect these icky but important bits of our precious planet. Each book has been reviewed and endorsed by an expert in the relevant branch of science and supports curriculum learning in the areas of science and ecology for ages 6 and up.

Available now in hardback. 

Third Time's A Charm out today

September 2023

Today is publication day for Third Time's A Charm, a short story written by Kate Foster for Collins Big Cat's reading programme!

Billie Nicks loves gymnastics. Her brilliant memory lends itself perfectly to remembering routines, and best of all, she gets to compete alongside her best friends. But Billie has found it difficult to get through a whole competition due to her anxiety and sensory sensitivities. Today, it’s her third attempt, and this time she’s determined to succeed!

Available now in paperback. 

Latest outing for the Puppy Club!

August 2023

Dash Takes Off is out today, the latest instalment in the heart-warming Puppy Club series by Catherine Jacob.

Join Jaya, Willow, Daniel, Elsa, Arlo and Harper as they all navigate the ups and downs of life with a brand-new puppy!

When Jaya’s aunt reveals that Underdogs Rescue Centre needs funding for a new wing of kennels, the Puppy Clubbers have the perfect solution: a sponsored dog walk! There’s only one problem. Arlo’s puppy Dash is always racing about, and despite attending training classes, shows no signs of slowing down.

Arlo is trying all he can to get Dash to work with him. Will he learn to listen in time to join the others on the Waggy Tails Walk?

Waterstones Book of the Month for A.M. Howell

August 2023

Peril on the Atlantic, the first title in A.M. Howell’s brand new Mysteries at Sea series, is out today. Even more excitingly, it has been picked as the Waterstones Book of the Month for August!

July, 1936. As the Queen Mary sets sail across the Atlantic, Alice can't wait for the summer of adventure that lies ahead. She's excited to explore the huge ship, with its shops, animals and even celebrities on board.

Congratulations, A.M. Howell! 

New middle grade novel by Kate Foster

July 2023

Kate Foster's latest middle grade novel, The Unlikely Heroes Club, is out today in Australia! This fun and frolicking adventure centres on five kids with a mystery to solve. 

Eleven-year-old Oli is spending his school holidays at Heroes Club, where kids can build friendships and learn about their emotions, but Oli just wants to be home … where it's familiar, not-so-boring and he can play his favourite game.

But when Oli and the other kids at the club see a stray dog who keeps disappearing into a soon-to-be-demolished building across the street, Oli and his four fellow heroes hatch a daring rescue plan to save the dog before it's too late.

It's going to take bravery, some seriously smart teamwork … and a few broken rules.

Out now!

Debut for Joyce Efia Harmer

May 2023

How Far We've Come, Joyce Efia Harmer's debut YA title, publishes today! 

Sometime, me love to dream that me is a human, a proper one, like them white folks is.

Enslaved on a plantation in Barbados, Obah dreams of freedom. As talk of rebellion bubbles up around her in the Big House, she imagines escape. Meeting a strange boy who’s not quite of this world, she decides to put her trust in him. But Jacob is from the twenty-first century. Desperate to give Obah a better life, he takes her back with him. At first it seems like dreams really do come true – until the cracks begin to show and Obah sees that freedom comes at an unimaginable cost . . .

Out now!

Sirdeshpande teams up with EmpathyLab!

May 2023

We've Got This! is out today! Written by Rashmi Sirdeshpande in collaboration with EmpathyLab, this essential handbook is all about the power of empathy and emotional intelligence. 

In just SIX simple steps readers will be taught how to harness empathy as theirhuman SUPERPOWER, and discover how using this power can change their lives and the world around them for the better.

The emotional well-being of children is just as important as their physical health but it’s not something that all children are taught about or are offered support for. Harnessing empathy and growing their emotional intelligence allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with life's ups and downs as well as understand and experience other people's emotions, feelings and points of view.

Available now in paperback. 

Harvey Small returns to the shelves!

May 2023

Today marks publication day for Small Bites Back, the second in the funny middle grade series by Hannah Moffatt!

In Small! Harvey went to a school for giants- but now we follow Harvey and his friend Walloping Toenail into the Vampire mountains as they try to work out what made the Never-Ending Contracts never-ending and tied Norma Enormous and the Skelephant to the Unspeakable Circus. Something's bitten the contracts. Could it be something with never-ending venom? As the new Chosen One, Harvey thinks it's his job to find out.Viscount Bloodsucker, head of the school for vampire dentists (polish up your fangs!) promises to help. But Harvey will have to move fast, because the Unspeakable Circus is on his tail, and Mistress Ring has a great idea for a new act - feeding a Small to the zombie lions!

Available now.

Meet Harriet Hound, the world's happiest superhero!

May 2023

Kate Foster's debut young fiction title, Harriet Hound, is out today in Australia! 

Meet Harriet Hound. She's eight years old and loves dogs!

But Harriet has something else that makes her super ... the power to summon the dogs from her family's rescue shelter every time there’s trouble afoot.

Whether it's a carnival catastrophe, a sudden storm, or vanishing vegetables, Harriet and her best dog friends use their super special talents and problem-solving skills to save the day!

Available now in paperback in ANZ.

Publication day for Harman's latest non-fiction title

April 2023

Alice Harman's latest non-fiction book, Mona Lisa and the Others, publishes today! Illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake, this is a witty and entertaining introduction to the Louvre Museum's art collection that will appeal to both children and adult alike. 

Millions of people visit the Louvre Museum every year to gaze and gawp at its all-star art collection. But there’s one star who gets a lot more attention than anyone else – and her very own special queuing system, if you can believe it! Well, the Louvre’s many other masterpieces aren’t too happy about being overshadowed – and they’re here to tell everyone what makes them just as worthy of the Mona Lisa’s teeming crowds.

With a focus on portraits and other person-centred artworks, Mona Lisa and the Others reveals the stories behind some of the Louvre Museum’s most famous artworks. Napoleon Bonaparte takes readers behind the scenes at his own coronation; the Venus de Milo explains what happened to her missing arms; the Seated Scribe lets slip some gossip about the ancient Egyptian royal family; and Madame le Brun has a polite moan about juggling the demands of being Marie Antoinette’s portrait painter and a working mother. But perhaps most intriguing of all, Mona Lisa reveals that there’s more to her portrait than her mysterious smile…

Available now in hardback!

Debut for Paralympian Ellie Robinson

April 2023

Today marks publication day for Thief on the Track, the first book in the brand new action-packed Gold Medal Mysteries series by Paralympic swimmer Ellie Robinson. 

Hannah, Maria, and Seb are at the World Championships in Tokyo, bonding over their excitement at watching their favourite athletes compete. But Jesse Marks, a star runner on the US relay team has had his gold medal stolen! The sport park is alive with gossip and as the three new friends begin to investigate, several suspects begin to emerge. With time running out before the final race is run, can the detectives uncover who is out to sabotage the team?

Out now!  

Mr Leopard's Bookshop Out Today!

March 2023

Alexa Brown's debut picture book, Mr Leopard's Bookshop, publishes today! This beautifully rhyming text with georgeous illustrations by Julia Christians is sure to be a hit with all the family. 

There's a mysterious bookshop, tucked away from the world, with a rather unusual bookseller... Mr Leopard!

Not only does Mr Leopard sell the most exciting books, he also has a whole team of animals creating the very best stories for children - just like this one! And as one little girl is about to discover, Mr Leopard's Bookshop is the most magical place in the world...

Out now!

Villains Academy makes its debut!

February 2023

Villains Academy, the first title in a brand new highly illustrated series for young middle-grade readers, is out today! Created by author-illustrator Ryan Hammond, this villainously funny series is perfect for fans of Amelia Fang, Dog Man and Grimwood

Welcome to Villains Academy – the most prestigious villain school in the ENTIRE land. You will either leave here as a fully-formed villain . . . or in tatters.

It's werewolf Bram’s first day at Villains Academy. He really doesn’t feel like a villain at all, but the coveted Villain of the Week trophy is up for grabs, and Bram knows he’ll have to dig deep. With the help of new friends Mona the elf-witch, Bryan the lion, Shelia the ghost and Tony the skeleton, can Bram find his inner badness and become the villain he's always dreamed of being?

Out now!

Second Puppy Club title for Catherine Jacob!

January 2023

Today marks publication day for Puppy Club: Coco Settles In, the second in the adorable and heart-warming Puppy Club series by Catherine Jacob. 

Join Jaya, Willow, Daniel, Elsa, Arlo and Harper as they all navigate the ups and downs of life with a brand-new puppy!

Elsa loves her gorgeous puppy Coco but her family’s two cats aren’t so welcoming. They chase the terrified pup all over the house! And to make things worse, Coco’s chewing everything and it’s stressing Mum out. Luckily Puppy Club is on hand to help, and soon Operation Friendship is underway, with plans to keep Coco out of trouble and help her bond with the cats. But with each day seeming to bring a new disaster, Elsa can’t help worrying … what if Mum has second thoughts about keeping the puppy?

Out now!