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Lanisha Butterfield

Lanisha Butterfield is a self-proclaimed book worm and children’s literature geek, who channelled her passion for writing, into a career that includes time spent as a magazine journalist, publicist, copy writer and a communications manager at Oxford University. During her time with the University, she has driven campaigns that address inequality in higher education and encourage racial and social inclusion. As a woman of Black mixed race heritage, born and raised on a council estate in Oxford, by a hardworking single mother, for her, these are not just boxes to be ticked, but factors that have influenced her own school experience and career trajectory.

Her quiet ambition of becoming an author, long-held and nurtured with lunch break trips to the local book shop, were realised during lockdown, when she signed-up for a virtual amateur children’s literature workshop, which quite literally, changed her little life.

Lanisha is very proud of her working class roots, and in her writing, she hopes to challenge misconceptions of council estate life, shine a light on the power of community and remind people – including children themselves – that no matter where they are from, what floor they live on, or what their family might look like, they are just as worthy of fairy-tale and magic, as anyone else.

A proud auntie, cat mama and music lover (spot the headphones), her spare time is spent loving on and baking for her nearest and dearest, whilst being inspired by the world through their eyes.

She hopes her unexpected journey will inspire others to take a chance on themselves, and just go for it! Better an oops than a what if, as they say.