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Kate Abernethy

Kate Abernethy is a children’s author hailing from Scotland, but now living with her family in the paradoxically ancient New Forest.

She collected an MA in English Literature many moons ago, and her love of the written word stayed with her throughout a career in accountancy, until it was an itch she could no longer ignore.

When she is not wrestling words into shape, you may find her strolling through the woodlands, tinkering at a spreadsheet, or hiding in a dark cinema.

Kate’s debut picture book is being published in 2024.

Follow her journey on Instagram at @kateabernethywriter.

The Great Highland Games Chase

Uh-oh! There's a great Highland Games chase afoot when Wee Rascal, runs off with a delicious-looking hat! Dodging out-of-puff bagpipers, cake-covered grandads, runaway Highland cows and dizzy Scottish dancers, Wee Rascal leads an increasingly hilarious pursuit through a traditional Scottish Highland Games. Can anyone catch the mischievous puppy?

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