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Evelyn Bookless

Evelyn Bookless grew up on a farm in the west of Ireland where she loved to build forts and play in the trees with her siblings. She studied English literature at university and later became a teacher.

A longing for adventure brought Evelyn around the globe for both travel and work. She spent ten wonderful years living in Asia, before returning to Europe to be closer to home. She is now lives in Spain with her family and two beautiful but suspicious bunnies. Her favourite place to be is in the sea, dreaming up silly stuff.

Evelyn has written an award-winning picture book series about Captain Green, a superhero on a mission to save the planet. She has presented at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content on writing to inspire the next generation of environmentalists. Her forthcoming stories focus on bringing big belly laughs to readers of all ages.

Captain Green and the Tree Machine

Captain Green is back and this time he’s creating a gadget to help save the planet. As he fine-tunes his invention, disaster strikes. Hornbill’s tree has been chopped down and there’s tree trouble for Elephant and Orangutan too. Captain Green scrambles to finish his invention — a TREE MACHINE — and zooms to the rescue! ZAP! ZOOP! ZINK! Trees pop up everywhere until… BANG! Oh no! How will Captain Green save the animals now?

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Marshall Cavendish International

Captain Green and the Plastic Scene

Fresh out of Superhero School, Captain Green gets a call. Dolphin is tangled up in plastic, and there's trouble for Seagull and Turtle too. When our brave superhero rushes off to help, he finds himself on a major mission: saving sea creatures from plastic. Using his incredible powers, Captain Green promises to save the day. But can he clean up this mess for good? Find out how you can be a hero too. Superpowers are not required; anyone can do it... 

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Marshall Cavendish International