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Eva Wong Nava

Eva Wong Nava was born on a tropical island where a merlion spurts water. Her ancestors braved monsoon winds sailing to British Malaya to plant roots in Southeast Asia. When the winds changed, they sailed again and found another home somewhere in the western hemisphere.

She combines degrees in English Literature and Art History, and writes stories that explore identity, culture, and belonging. Eva has done many things in life but writing remains her favourite thing to do. She has written an award-winning middle-grade novel and several picturebooks. Eva has been a speaker at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content on writing about diversity and representing marginalised voices.

A passionate collector and reader of picture books, she teaches the art of picture book writing at Picture Book Matters. Eva writes full-time and lives in London with her family and two scampering squirrels.

You can follow Eva on Twitter and Instagram.

Busy Little Fingers: Art

Can you make a face with vegetables? How do you paint a dream? This bright and busy book provides a fun first look at art concepts, and is jam-packed with things for busy little fingers to try!

This vibrant little book is the perfect introduction to modern art for children aged 4-6. Featuring 10 need-to-know movements from Pop Art to Surrealism, learn all about each one and its defining characteristics, before trying your hand at creating your own! Paint like Picasso, colour like a Cubist and mark-make like Monet.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Big Picture Press

I Love Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and Mai-Anne is so excited! As her family start decorating the house, there's a knock on the door... her grandmother, Nai Nai, has arrived!

They start their celebrations with a traditional meal filled with fish for good luck, noodles for long life, dumplings for blessings and a WHOLE chicken. Then after dinner Nai Nai tells the story of how Chinese New year began, with the Great Race!

Join Mai-Anne as she learns about twelve animals and their special powers in the story of how Chinese New Year began!

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World Scholastic