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Catherine Jacob

Catherine Jacob is a writer, award-winning television correspondent and Mum to three small children. Her first books, There's a Troll on My Toilet! and Santa's Special Gift, were published in September and October 2019.

As a news correspondent at ITN's Channel Five News, Catherine won the Monte Carlo TV and Film Festival's Golden Nymph award for Best News Item for her investigative film, 'The Shipbreakers of Bangladesh' and was a finalist in the Royal Television Society's Young Journalist of the Year. She was also Environment Correspondent for Sky News, travelling to far flung places like the Amazon and the Arctic Circle to report on this pressing issue. She is now freelance so she can devote more time to her children and her writing. Catherine now lives in York.

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Puppy Club: Coco Settles In

Join Jaya, Willow, Daniel, Elsa, Arlo and Harper as they all navigate the ups and downs of life with a brand-new puppy!

Elsa loves her gorgeous puppy Coco but her family’s two cats aren’t so welcoming. They chase the terrified pup all over the house! And to make things worse, Coco’s chewing everything and it’s stressing Mum out. Luckily Puppy Club is on hand to help, and soon Operation Friendship is underway, with plans to keep Coco out of trouble and help her bond with the cats. But with each day seeming to bring a new disaster, Elsa can’t help worrying … what if Mum has second thoughts about keeping the puppy?

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Stripes Publishing
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Puppy Club: Lulu's Big Surprise

Jaya and her friends are desperate for a puppy of their own. They’ve even created Puppy Club to find out all they need to know. When the time comes they’ll be the perfect owners!

Jaya, Willow, Harper and Elsa all dream of having a dog. So when Jaya’s aunt, who runs Underdogs Rescue Centre, tells Jaya that new dog Lulu is expecting puppies it feels like the girls’ best chance to get their parents to agree. It’s time for Operation Paw-fect Puppy!

Along with new Puppy Club members, Arlo and Daniel, the children set about trying to prove to their parents what responsible owners they’d be. But will it be enough to persuade them?

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World Stripes Publishing
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Betsy Buglove Saves the Bees

Meet Betsy Buglove in this magical picture book - a girl who LOVES bugs more than anything else in the world!

In a big, bustling town lived a girl who loved bugs,
from earthworms to ladybirds, woodlice and slugs.
While spiders or ants might make some scream in fright
to her, creepy crawlies were such a delight!

If there’s anything to know about Betsy Buglove, it’s that, when she’s around, no bug ever has to worry about getting in trouble. Betsy’s not afraid of sticky goo, tangled webs, or even muddy boots, no!

On her sixth birthday she receives a special gift – a magic magnifying glass that allows her to speak to her fuzzy, sometimes slimy, friends. So get ready, because Betsy's about to get some serious business done.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Scholastic
Croatia Skolska Knjiga
France Elcy
French (North America/Canada) Editions Scholastic
Italy Carlo Gallucci
Poland Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal
Portugal Editora 2020
Simplified Chinese Jiangsu Phoenix Arts
Slovakia Ikar
Turkey Fom Kitap
Welsh Dref Wen
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There's a Troll on my Toilet

In a spooky house, at the top of a hill,

something funny's going on...


So grab your witch's hat, watch out for the icky sticky green slime, and get ready for a frightfully good time. Because this is one haunted house that you will love exploring.

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World Scholastic
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Santa's Special Gift

One snowy Christmas eve, there’s a knock at Kitty’s window. Wow, it’s Santa! And he’s here to whisk her away on a truly spectacular adventure!

Santa’s Special Gift is a fun and interactive picture book, filled with exciting flaps to lift and a brilliant snow globe pop-up! Perfect for sharing with little ones who are excited about Christmas!

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World Scholastic