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Caroline Crowe

Caroline Crowe spent ten years as a national newspaper journalist and section editor before taking time out to look after her three young sons. She lives in Hampshire with them and her husband, surrounded by chaos and their ever-growing collection of children's books.

Having swapped journalism for fiction for now, she is currently in the process of writing her own picture books for under fives. 

For more information, tweet Caroline at @crowehoho

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Our Incredible Library Book (and the wonderful journeys it took)

This is the story of one incredible library book and all the children who've borrowed it. It's been hugged, lost, torn, chewed by a dog and soaked in the rain. It's been read in apartments and in tents, in the park and in the classroom; by children in costumes and pyjamas, reading alone or with their friends, their siblings and their parents.

Each time it returns to the library it's a little more worn, but a lot more loved. For every rip, scribble or stain there's a child who has found adventure or escape, comfort or excitement in its pages. That's the magic of a library book!

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Floris Books
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Santa's New Sleigh

Christmas Eve was here at last,
The countdown clock was ticking fast . . .
But yikes! When Santa turned the key
(The reindeer need some help you see)
The engine didn't start, it spluttered,
'That isn't right', the elves all muttered . . .

When Santa's sleigh stops working on Christmas Eve the elves all rally round to help. Maybe they could use a slingshot? Or the owls could help? How about polar bears?

Will they be able to sort the sleigh out before it is too late? Things are not looking good until one small elf has a bright idea!

Festive and fun, this is destined to become a seasonal favourite.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Faber & Faber
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The Fairy Dogmother

Cinders LOVES living at Woofington's Dog Shelter. He has fantastic food and fabulous friends. So when, one day, his Fairy Dogmother appears, whatever will he wish for? 

A fresh and funny fairy tale, about finding your forever family.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Little Tiger Press
Greece Pyramida Publishing House
Italy Sassi Editore
Portugal Minutos de Leitura
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How Do You Make a Rainbow

Stuck inside on a cloudy day, a little girl asks her grandad to help her paint a rainbow on the sky. But as Grandad tells her, rainbows aren't painted on the sky, they grow out of kindness, hope, and helping other people.

How Do You Make a Rainbow? is a reassuring, heart-warming story of colours, kindness, community and nature, that shows that brighter times are always around the corner.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Macmillan Children's Books
North America Kane Miller Publishing
Turkey Pearson
Welsh Rily
Vietnam Messy Books
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Santa's New Beard

When Santa accidentally shaves off his famous beard, the elves all rally round to help. Can they glue it back on? Maybe the answer is whipped cream or candyfloss. Or perhaps it's mashed potato . . . 

Will they be able to sort him out before Christmas Eve? Things are not looking too good until the littlest elf has a bright idea!

Festive and fun, this is destined to become a seasonal favourite.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Faber & Faber
Italy Ancora Libri
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Is That an Elephant in My Fridge?

When Fred can't sleep, his mum suggests counting sheep. But sheep are boring so Fred counts elephants instead! Soon the house is full of elephants causing mayhem: they are splashing in the bathtub, eating everything in the fridge - there's even a marching band on the stairs!

This fun-filled picture book is perfect to share at bedtime!

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Scholastic
North America Albert Whitman & Co
Welsh Acair
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Pirates in Pyjamas

Have you ever wondered whether pirates wear pyjamas when it’s time to say goodnight?

Well leap aboard the Leaky Parrot to find out! Captain Grotbeard and his crew love nothing better than bubble baths, jim-jams and pillow fights!

So if you want to be a pirate you don’t need a patch or sword – just grab your best pyjamas and a bed to climb aboard.

Pirates in Pyjamas is a hilarious rhyming romp – perfect for bedtimes and little pirates everywhere. Beautifully illustrated by Tom Knight, this book is packed full of piratey humour, jazzy jim-jams and a cosy-dozy ending. Bedtimes will never be boring again with this fantastic first picture book from Caroline Crowe. Perfect for fans of Aliens Love Underpants and The Pirate Cruncher.  

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Little Tiger Press
Finland Kustannus Makela Oy
Brazil (Portuguese) Ciranda Cultural
Welsh Gomer Press
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Tiny Tantrum

Tiny Tantrum is about a little girl who has monstrous tantrums, until she meets a monster or two of her own!

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Little Tiger Press