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Anna Adams

Born in France, raised partly in the United States and in France, Anna grew up loving stories in French and English. Anna is the author of “A French Girl in New York” that garnered millions of reads on Wattpad. She currently lives in the beautiful city of Paris. And when not in France, Anna enjoys writing in libraries all over the world.

A French Girl In New York

Maude, our fierce protagonist, is an orphan. She has been raised in small-town Northern France by the uncaring Ruchet family and she is frustrated with her life in Carvin. She dreams of one day being a famous opera singer on the grand stages of Paris.

On a day trip there with her class, she has the unexpected opportunity to sing in a beautiful old café. The only song that comes to mind is a current hit by popstar Lindsey Linton.

Maude, not a fan of pop (urgh!), strips the song right back and does a spellbinding rendition to the audience of the café.

Unbeknownst to Maude, there’s a famous young influencer in the crowd who is streaming her video live. This sets off an incredible chain of events which ultimately gets Maude signed to a record label and enables her big move out of Carvin - to New York! - where, she discovers, her father once lived.

Could this be the answer to all of her dreams? Could she actually discover what happened to her parents? And could she at last be a famous singer?

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency
Brazil Editora Melhoramentos
France Hachette Jeunesse Roman
Italy Newton Compton
Serbia Vulkan