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Alice Harman

Alice Harman is an author, editor and slightly obsessive reader of children’s books. She loves writing fun, thoughtful books that make big ideas feel exciting and easy to understand. Her psychology quiz book, Who Do You Think You Are?, was longlisted for the 2020 Blue Peter Book Awards, and her book Modern Art Explorer has been featured in The New York Times Book Review. It was a lovely article that called Alice a ‘bright light’ and made her mum cry.

Alice grew up in London, studied in Brighton and Paris, and spent several years working for children’s publishers and charities. She now lives in a village near Oxford with her husband, young daughter and very silly cat.

To find out more about Alice, her books and what she’s been up to lately, visit her website.

Modern Art Explorer

Witty and brilliantly illustrated, Modern Art Explorer is an approachable introduction to modern art for children. Featuring Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and many more, this book brings readers the stories behind thirty famous artworks. Young readers will see art as something real, something born out of ideas, inspiration, human lives, world events, and the materials artists use.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Thames and Hudson

Climate Change and How We'll Fix It

Some of the most renowned climate activists--including Greta Thunberg--are children and teens, for they are the ones who will inherit the planet and its problems. This important guide enlightens kids about why climate change is real, why it's serious, what's causing it, and how we can fix it. It explains why grownups aren't doing enough, why one group of people alone can't solve it, and what the roadblocks are, from wealth disparity to our dependence on air travel. Using brief, focused text, every colorfully illustrated page presents the debate surrounding the crucial issues; dialogue balloons, bursts, and problem boxes help make the climate crisis more understandable to young people so they can become problem solvers and leaders in creating a better world.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Sterling Children's Books
Greece Patakis
Korea Greatbooks

Who Do You Think You Are?

Find out what makes you tick in 20 psychological quizzes. Written by popular children’s author Alice Harman and illustrated with the bold, geometric artwork of Blok Magnaye, Who Do You Think You Are? takes you on an interactive tour of the history and study of psychology through its most prominent tests.

Territory Publisher/Agent
UK Wide Eyed Editions
North America Wide Eyed Editions
Spain Edebe