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Alexa Brown

Alexa grew up in Somerset and studied English at Birmingham University before going on to teach at primary school for a few years. Her favourite part of the day was story time because she got to do lots of silly voices.

Alexa now lives in Bristol with her husband and baby. They spend their free time getting a little bit lost in the local countryside.

Mr Leopard's Bookshop

There's a mysterious bookshop, tucked away from the world, with a rather unusual bookseller... Mr Leopard!

Not only does Mr Leopard sell the most exciting books, he also has a whole team of animals creating the very best stories for children - just like this one! And as one little girl is about to discover, Mr Leopard's Bookshop is the most magical place in the world...

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Scholastic
Finland Kustannus Makela Oy
Italy Nord-Sud