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Alex Evelyn

Alex is the author of The Secret Wild. She has a degree in Journalism from Cardiff University and has worked in public relations, as a food writer and photographer creating content for blogs, local magazines and The Times. Her travels often inspire her writing, from a childhood spent in Brazil to working as a cook on a dive research boat in the Red Sea. A summer stint helping on a ranch in the Big Horn mountains was inspired by her favourite childhood book The Green Grass of Wyoming. Born in Wales, she lives in the wilds of Wiltshire with her family and far too many pets. She works part time at a forest school nestled amongst the roots of the amazing trees at Westonbirt Arboretum.

Twitter: @alexrevelyn

The Secret Wild

Fern has spent her whole life in the rainforest with her botanist parents, and loves nothing more than climbing, exploring and talking to the trees. But when she suddenly has to leave all that behind and move to London, finding only an eccentric uncle for company, Fern feels entirely uprooted. That is until she finds a little plant, one that can move and dance and seems to understand her every word. Can a plant really be this special - and be her new best friend? But when the secret plant starts to wilt, Fern finds that she needs her new London family to solve the mystery of where her magical friend came from – and how to save its life.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Walker