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We welcome submissions and consider everything that comes into the agency. 

We are always on the look out for exciting, inspiring and original novels for both Young Adult and Middle-Grade readers. We want a strong voice, excellent characters and a plot that keeps you turning the pages late into the night. 

We are actively looking for submissions from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, LGBTQ and all other under-represented writers. Please include the hashtag #diversevoices in the subject line of your email when you submit. 

Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency Access Month 

The Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency is thrilled to introduce The Darley Anderson Access month, which is an open submissions competition for writers from underrepresented backgrounds. Running from the 1st to the 30th November, this year our open month is aimed at Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children’s writers and illustrators. Every submission will be read by at least one of our agents, and after the submission period, our favourite submissions in each of the three categories (Picture Books, Middle Grade and YA) will be shared with our partnering authors and will receive detailed feedback.

Our partnering authors are Rashmi Sirdeshpande for Picture Books, Polly Ho Yen for Middle Grade and Dave Rudden for YA. Each of our authors is passionate about supporting underrepresented authors and illustrators and encouraging them to pursue careers in the children’s publishing industry.
The aim of The Darley Anderson Access month is to ensure that the work of writers from under-represented backgrounds is considered, and to encourage authors from all backgrounds to submit their work to us. This is in addition to our usual submission process, in which we actively seek submissions from people of all backgrounds.

Please send all submissions for The Darley Anderson Access month to All submissions must include a cover letter, a synopsis, and the first three chapters of your work. For picture books, please attach the full text of up to two titles, and for illustrators, please include a link to your portfolio. If you are not chosen to receive detailed feedback from our agents and authors, we will still aim to respond to all submissions within 8-12 weeks.

For any enquiries about the project, please email 


When you're ready to submit

Once you've read our Advice Page and are positive that your chapters are ready to go, follow our submissions guidelines below. 

We initially prefer to see a short synopsis and the first three consecutive chapters together with a covering letter.

For picture books please send us the full text in a PDF.

For illustrators, please send a link to your portfolio or attach examples of your work in PDF form to you email submission. 

Please do not send postal submissions

We do not accept any hard copy submissions or submissions bound into self-published books. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or delay in their return whatever the cause.

Our policy

We do not charge a reading fee. 

Our response

While we receive over 300 submissions a week we make every effort to read material quickly, and aim to respond within eight weeks of receipt.

Regretfully, we are not able to offer personal feedback to all the submissions we receive. 

In order to ensure that your submission goes to the relevant person please send:

By Email:

Submissions should be made for the attention of The Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency

Please note
Due to the volume of manuscripts we receive each week, there may be occasions where we cannot respond with our normal speed. If you have not heard from us within twelve weeks, please do get in touch.