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Curse of Kings trailer is out NOW!

February 2013

The 'writer to watch' (Inis magazine) Alex Barclay has released a trailer to mark the release of her first Trials of Oland Born instalment, Curse of Kings.

Click below to watch it!

Trials of Oland Born: Curse of Kings by Alex Barclay is out today!

January 2013

"Fiercely imaginative, with razor-sharp twists and a plot that moves so fast it ignites" Derek Landy, author of Skulduggery Pleasant.

The first instalment of the highly anticipated fantasy trilogy by Alex Barclay is out today! Congratulations Alex!

The setting is a hugely atmospheric fantasy world of medieval castles, Romanesque games arenas, supernatural forests and harsh seas. Terrifying hybrid creatures and monsters abound – and Oland’s greatest ally is a girl called Delphi who has dark secrets of her own.

Fourteen-year-old Oland Born lives in dark times, in a world ruled by evil tyrant, Vilius Ren. Vilius and his fearsome, bloodthirsty army have wrecked the prosperous kingdom of Decresian, once ruled by good King Micah. Oland himself has been kept as Vilius’s servant in grim Castle Derrington, and he knows little about his past – or why Vilius keeps such a sharp, close eye on him.

One night, Oland finds a letter addressed to him, from the long-dead king. No sooner has he read the message than a mysterious stranger tries to kidnap him. Oland runs, the dead king’s warning ringing in his ears…

If Oland is to live he must restore the shattered kingdom. This is his quest. This is his curse. Let the trials of Oland Born begin…

“Curse of Kings firmly establishes Alex Barclay as a name to watch in the world of children’s books.” Sarah Webb, The Irish Independent

Trials of Oland Born: Curse of Kings is Alex Barclay's first title for young readers. Brazilian Portuguese rights have already been sold to Bertrand Brasil. Trials of Oland Born: Curse of Kings is published in the UK by HarperCollins Children’s Books on January 31st 2013.

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